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New Homes for Sale in North Carolina

Adams Homes is proud to offer new homes in North Carolina for sale, specifically the cities of Charlotte and Raleigh. As the leading home builders in North Carolina and North Carolina real estate companies, Adams Homes offers an array of floor plans to be built to satisfy your needs in new communities that fit your lifestyle. Whether you are hunting for your very first home or looking for the perfect place to retire – as North Carolina home builders, we have a home to suit you.

About North Carolina:

North Carolina is home to beautiful beaches along the Atlantic coastline, an array of award-winning golf courses, and a number of state parks which include trails through the famous Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains. If you are looking for great weather, a change in seasons, the joys of both water and mountains, and a state with a rich history; this is the place for you. Visit Ashville, North Carolina to experience the famous Biltmore Estate—George Vanderbilt’s gorgeous home. Explore the grounds of over 125,000 acres with a magnificent garden and the most visited winery in the country.

Charlotte, North Carolina is the second-leading financial city in the country. It offers live music, outdoor festivals, culture, great restaurant choices and the famous Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Raleigh, part of the North Carolina Research Triangle, is surrounded by three research universities: NC State, Duke and UNC – Chapel Hill. Raleigh is one of the fastest growing cities in the country with a population of over 400,000. Enjoy Raleigh’s world-class museums, stroll through the classic southern town and stop at one of the many charming eateries for a great bite to eat.

North Carolina Homes for Sale

Invest in real estate in North Carolina and make the state your home. As a home builder in Raleigh NC, and Home Builder in Charlotte NC we want you to be happy. Visit our new home communities in Charlotte and Raleigh where we have plenty of North Carolina homes for sale, and let us help you find the perfect home for you.

Homes for Sale in North Carolina from Adam's Homes

The seaside views, bustling cities, beautiful, hilly landscapes, and more, make owning a home in North Carolina a fantastic idea. Whether you are purchasing your first property or hundredth property in North Carolina, Adams Homes is always ready to help. We are a reputable North Carolina home builder with several years of experience in offering new homes for sale in North Carolina to individuals, families, and investors. You can always count on our experts to help you find the perfect home that fit your lifestyle, budget, and needs.

The Financial Benefits of Owning a Home in North Carolina

Purchasing a real estate property in North Carolina has several benefits for you and your family. There is this satisfaction that comes with owning a home. More space for you and your loved ones, more room for your pets, and so forth. Also, you have the freedom to do what you want with your home.

In addition, owning a home in North Carolina has numerous financial benefits. From income through rentals to interest rates, retirement nest egg, tax benefits, and so forth, owning real estate properties in North Carolina remains a great investment.

Build Equity for Your Future

A home in North Carolina isn’t just a home. It is an investment for your future and the future of your family. When you purchase or build a home in North Carolina, you are opening the biggest savings account for yourself. Every year, you are building equity in your home as you pay your mortgage. As the North Carolina real estate market continues to rise, the value of your home increases. Even if you eventually decide to sell the property, you will be selling it at a relatively higher value.

Tax Benefits with NC Home Advantage Tax Credit

Furthermore, if you are a qualified first-time home buyer, you can now save on your taxes by purchasing a home in North Carolina. The NC Home Advantage Tax Credit directly reduces the amount of tax you owe annually. You are able to save up to $2,000 each year on your taxes. In ten years, you would have saved $20,000 on taxes. This is good money you can spend on other financial needs.

Additional Source of Income

Even an extra income of $1000 every month could go a long way towards increasing your investments or paying down debt. Owning a home in North Carolina and turning it into a rental property can help generate additional income for you. This is often referred to as passive income.

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However, when purchasing a real estate property in North Carolina, it is important that you get it right. At Adams Homes, we specialize in providing real estate properties for individuals, businesses, and investors. As reputable home builders in North Carolina, we want you to be happy. Our trusted experts have the experience and expertise to help you make the right home buying decision.

In addition, we have homes for sale located in various communities across the state. Whether you want to own a property in Raleigh, Charlotte, or any other community in North Carolina, we are one of the most reliable home builder in Raleigh NC, to always turn to. With Adams Homes on your side, you are guaranteed to get the best deals on homes for sale in North Carolina.

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