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Our On Your Lot Program

In a few of our build areas, we offer the opportunity to build on your own lot. Though we strive to build in the most desirable areas, we understand that our current developments may not offer the homesite you’re looking for. In these cases, we offer the option of building one of our award-winning plans on your lot. By partnering with Adams Homes, you will have an architect, builder, and designer all in one!

On Your Lot Locations

Orlando, FL

4401 Vineland Rd, Suite A11

Orlando, FL 32811

(407) 523 - 1030

Melbourne, FL

1271 Emerson Drive NE

Palm Bay, FL 32909

(321) 607 - 3372

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Lot Requirements

While each area that offers our OYL program has individual requirements that must be met, there are three common conditions to keep in mind:


The lot must be owned free and clear, with no mortgages or liens (Meaning you have the title in hand and no other parties are on it)


Since we need a clear area to build that complies with all local setback requirements, the lot must be free of any improvements (standing structures, homes, etc.)


To maintain efficiency and ensure that we give your home the same level of attention as those in our nearby communities, we require the lot to be within a 10-mile radius of a current build area.

Frequently Asked Questions

QWhat is a construction loan?

Construction loans are short term loans that use the proceeds to pay for construction.Most “On Your Lot” builders require the homebuyer obtain a construction loan and use their money to build the home.As each phase of construction is complete, the buyer pays interest on that portion.

QRealtor Request

We can’t do what we do without you! Whether you have a current client who’s interested in an Adams Home or you’d like to be in the loop on what’s happening at Adams, you can fill out the form below and we’ll reach back out. We are so excited to partner with you!

For example: 15% funds released to obtain a permit.  Buyer pays interest on that amount.  At slab stage, another 15% draw is released and now the buyer pays interest on the combined draw amounts.  This process continues along with construction, meaning with each month the buyer pays a larger payment until all funds have been released.  At that time, the buyer's construction loan turns into a permanent loan and full mortgage payments begin.

QDoes Adams Homes require a construction loan?

No.  Adams Homes provides the financing needed to build your new home.  This saves homebuyers thousands of dollars.

QWhat type of financing is required to build on my lot?

We require just $1,000 deposit at contract and use your lot as a non-refundable deposit.  We pay for the construction so you don’t need financing until closing.

QWhat costs are included in the On Your Lot program?

Brand new home, homesite evaluation, site preparation costs, permitting costs, impact fees, and utility hook-ups.

QWhat is the price per square foot?

This varies by area, floor plan and upgrades selected.  Once we know more about where your lot is and which floor plan you’ve chosen, we can provide all costs to build a new home on your lot.

QWhat is needed to be eligible for the On Your Lot program?

Buyers need to own a suitable lot free and clear of any mortgages or equitable liens. The lot must be transferred to the seller by General Warranty Deed before construction can commence.

QWhat information should I bring with me to meet with a sales associate?

For our team to evaluate your homesite, we’ll need your lot number, address, legal description, copy of the deed to lot (if possible), subdivision restrictive covenants (if applicable), tax parcel number.

QWe have our lot and found the perfect Adams Homes floor plan, what’s next?

Congratulations!  You’ve made a great choice.  The first part of the process is to have the lot deeded to Adams Homes so construction can commence.  Next we’ll build your new home and call you with weekly updates.  Finally, your lot and home will be deeded back to you in one closing and your family can start making memories in your new home.

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