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What Value Simplified Means to the Adams Homes Family“Regardless of price, size, or location; all buyers want their builder to deliver value.” - Wayne Adams

Since 1991, Adams Homes has built with “Value, Simplified” in mind. To us, this means delivering quality new homes at an affordable price. We aim to make the new-home purchase as easy and enjoyable for our homebuyers as possible, all while eliminating the need for costly upgrades or unnecessary steps in the construction and sales process.


We have built over 50,000 homes in the Southeast US since 1991. This feat was accomplished by putting value first. While other builders sell a base home that can be customized to suit individual tastes through an expensive design center process, we include what we feel are standard expectations for today’s buyers. We are not a custom builder but we offer upgrades where they count. To ensure that you are making a good investment for your future, we hand-select the markets and areas we build in and offer homes that fit. All this and more ensures value is built-in the minute you sign on to be part of the Adams Homes family.

simplified Experience

The homebuying process can often seem intimidating at first. We at Adams Homes strive to provide exceptional customer service so that you can focus on what matters most - designing your dream home! Starting your new-home purchase only requires $1,000 down as an earnest money deposit (E.M.D). Financing through a Preferred Lender streamlines your purchase and covers closing costs that can otherwise add up!  Throughout the build and after, we will keep you updated on the status of your home and request feedback on the quality of your experience. This way we ensure that you receive the best care and that future buyers will benefit from the knowledge we gain from your feedback. We pride ourselves on our simplified experience and the joy that comes from providing our buyers ease of mind.

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