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Why Own rather than Rent?




Historically, home values grow in the long run VS. No equity
Tax deductions benefits are available for mortgage interest and certain state and local taxes VS. No tax deductions
Home Ownership is the American Dream VS. Very limited ability to personalize
Home Ownership can offer a stable home setting VS. May lack stability due to lesser non-renewal of lease or rent increase
In many areas, monthly expense of owning may be less than renting VS. If lease is not renewed, moving and apartment hunting can be time consuming, expensive, and frustrating
Owning a home can be a great inflation hedge VS. If inflation occurs, rental rates may go up substantially
Mortgage Interest rates are near historically low level and can be locked in for 30 years VS. Rental rates are rarely locked in for extended periods of time


Why Buy New?

New Home


Used Home

Constructed to most recent building, wind, and energy codes; may lead to homeowner’s insurance savings VS. May incur high energy bills and lack resistance to high winds
Never lived in prior to your purchase VS. Usually, do not know what has occurred in house previously
You are able to choose from a number of modern, material selections and options VS. Your only option is what someone else is selling and may be outdated style
New home smell VS. Unknown odors
Locally administered Builder Warranty and various Manufacturer Warranties are included in purchase price. VS. No warranty or limited warranty from a company that is distant from situation.  This can lead to large unexpected, out-of-pocket expenses
Includes many of the latest material improvement and technologies VS. Depends on age but usually older, dated technology and materials
Modern, up-to-date floor plan layouts that reflect our most recent market research VS. Often floor plans that are obsolete or less modern
Many mortgage financing options VS. May have limited financing options due to condition of house
Timing of closing often very predictable and closing process is streamlined VS. Timing of closing may be very unpredictable; especially, with ‘short sales’ and bank owned properties
Seller (Adams Homes) is an establish business in the community VS. Seller is often someone you will never hear from again
Low maintenance and repair requirements VS. With age comes more maintenance (depreciation)


Foreclosure Issues

1) Previous owner neglect and damage:  Often owners that are in foreclosure do not properly maintain the house and may even intentionally damage or ‘strip’ the house before vacating.

2)  Mold:  Be cautious of mold issues, especially in humid climates.  Often, previous owners or banks will not keep electrical power on and therefore, the air conditioning will not be running; this may lead to mold issues.

3)  ‘As Is’ contracts:  Banks will usually sell properties with an ‘As Is’ contract which will usually provide for no recourse for the buyer even when title defects arise.  This could include the possibility of an inappropriate foreclosure (example:  ‘robo-signing’), which may lead to a title issue.

4) Regret:  In search of a ‘good deal,’ don’t settle for a home you will later regret.  Often, the difference in price translates to only a small amount in your monthly mortgage payment, say $75/month.


Why Buy Adams?



Structural quality ‘behind the walls.’  Well above minimum standards. 
Competitive pricing on an ‘Apples-to-Apples’ basis
Purchase process and home features that are straightforward and free of ‘bait and switch’ tactics.
Home prices include permit/impact fees, home site prep, surveying, and home site
Desirable community and location
$1,000 Deposit with no construction loan needed
Closing Costs paid when using an approved lender
Multiple approved lenders to choose from; creating a competitive atmosphere, which benefits the buyer
Participates with your real estate agent at no cost to you
More than 26 Year track record for building quality new homes
Privately-held, owner-operated, locally managed home builder with a solid financial footing
Written warranty with up to 10 years of coverage and third party guarantee for additional assurance
State Licensed, on-site sales associates
Large variety of home plans to choose from
Home Orientation and zero defect policy
Numerous Included Custom Features as demonstrated by our Sales Associate Team Members


Please visit one of our community web pages to obtain community specific information and contact a Sales Associate by selecting a location from the links below.

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DisclaimerThe above comparison of Adams Homes’ product and service offerings with other alternatives is based on possible scenarios and does not purport to reflect every or most scenarios. Adams Homes’ product and service offerings are subject to change without notice, which may change the comparison above; potential, homebuyers should research features prior to purchase.  Adams Homes has made and continues to make a good faith effort to update its offerings described on this page but disclaims any liability for inaccuracy.  Refer to your purchase agreement for details.  Please see Disclosures and Privacy Policy for details.