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YOUR OUTDOOR KITCHEN -Sequel to Kitchen Essentials

Written by: Bill Panebianco

In my last kitchen article I wrote about setting up a starter kitchen. In this article I’m going to assume you are a little more established.  For a great out door kitchen you need a few things, It’s okay if you don’t have space for all of them, just get the ones most important to you we all have different lifestyles.  In order of importance (to me) here is my list.

  • A good Grill (I use a Big Green Egg) some people are more comfortable with a gas grill.  Get the Grill that works to your style but don’t skimp on the grill.
  • A Bar and outdoor TV, these count as one (convince the wife) you need a place to sit and relax with your friends and family. I enclosed a picture of the bar I built with my neighbor’s help.  Not counting the granite top (he used wood on his) this was just over $500
  • An outdoor dining set, table and 4 or 6 chairs to sit and eat great grilled meals at.
  • This last item is a luxury but really comes in handy, a Turkey fryer.  Sure I fry Turkeys but if you get the right one you can use for seafood boils too.

Whatever you decide make sure you have the right equipment for grilling on the “Egg” I use natural charcoal and an electric starter it is a ceramic grill so it can absorb heat well and cook at very high temps, I cook steaks between 700 and 800 degree’s. While the juiciest chicken is at 325 degrees, having a grill that has a temperature gauge makes cooking so much more of a science.  Being able to keep a low temperature of about 225 degrees is great for smoking. A good tip here is to soak your wood chips in apple or cranberry juice for 24 hours then drain before adding to grill, this adds flavor in a subtle way. Also use a dry rub a day ahead if possible. I have a great one I use and will be sharing that recipe on how to cook my Drunken Pirate Ribs so keep an eye on the blog it is “coming soon”.

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