Founders Club Year End Winners

So, as you may know, we at Adams Homes induct a handful of employees each quarter into our Founders Club. In doing so, the winners from each quarter become eligible to be nominated for the yearly Founders Club reward in their respective category, and the honors and accolades that accompany the title.

Here are our 2018 yearly winners.

Superintendent of the Year – Tristan Gibbons, Lakeland

Only with Adams Homes since 2016, Tristan has quickly made a name for himself in the area with his dedication to quality and professionalism. He has garnered the respect of trade partners and inspectors by managing relationships with care and efficiency. Seeing each home as a reflection of his work, he ensures each of our customers receives an enthusiastic orientation and a “zero-out” walkthrough (referring to total completion of punch list items).

Referring to Tristan’s role in training others, David Marshall, Production Manager in Lakeland, says “He has the ability to communicate with those around him in a respectful and professional manner… We are lucky to have him.”

Since this award, Tristan has been promoted to Production Manager in our Tampa Division, way to go!

Division Team Member of the Year – Dianne King, Closing Coordinator, Pensacola

an employee of the year nomination

When thinking of Diane, the first word that came to mind was dedication. It’s easy to see why after looking at her over a 20-year career with Adams Homes. She has a great working relationship with Pensacola’s local lenders, closing attorneys, and their staff. Her friendly demeanor puts homebuyers at ease during the purchase process and each is assured that she has their best interest in mind.

“It’s evident in all she does that she takes pride in her work and strives for excellence.” Says Andrea De La Cerna, Sales Manager in our Pensacola division. “She is the hub of our wheel here in Pensacola and we value her not just as a team member, but as a friend.”

Corporate Team Member of the Year – Justine Lieving, Costing, Gulf Breeze

employee of the year nomination for a woman

Justine has been a loyal Adams Home’s team member for over 10 years! Throughout her career, she has learned all aspects of the Accounts Payable department and has taken on the challenges to learn any new positions or tasks needed to keep things running smoothly. Justine is full of positive energy that encourages her team to meet deadlines and goals. She also has a fun and spunky way of training her team to make work fun for everyone and frequently bakes for special occasions.

“She takes ownership in the quality of the work performed in the Gulf Breeze office.” Says Angelika Manning, Controller of the Gulf Breeze office. “Justine understands the importance of her job, she trains her team to make sure the work in our office is done correctly and supports the field offices by going above and beyond to ensure invoices are paid to vendors and commissions are paid to sales agents.”

Sales Associate of the Year – Kirsten Tammelleo, Charlotte

Kirsten has been an Adams Home team member since 2006. Kirsten is the go-to agent and has an attitude that no home is too hard to sell. This year alone she has closed out 4 communities and has been instrumental in launching 3 more. She is an example in relationship building and has strong connections with her buyers and realtors. Kirsten is continuously growing in her position and meets every obstacle with a can-do approach.

“Customer service and buyer relationships are a high priority for Kristen.” Says Melinda Corns, the Sales Manager in the Charlotte Division. “She genuinely cares for her customers and their satisfaction in the purchase of their new home.”




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