Winter Selling Season: Why homebuying has never been better

By: Elizabeth Porter

Why now is the best time to buy a new home

If you have been contemplating buying a new home, your timing couldn’t be better.  As the fourth quarter arrives, our construction teams are full-steam ahead completing all the homes possible before the end of the year and our sales team is staffed up to help assist buyers looking for completed or nearly completed homes that they can close by year end.


What creates the year end rush? 

Several factors contribute to winter selling season.  Summer is usually a slower time of the year due to families travelling.  Once they get back, they are refreshed and motivated to tackle those last items on the honey-do list and market their properties before cold temperatures arrive.  No one wants to move in snowy conditions so there is a small window before the December-February coldest months are here.

Additionally, home buyers want to be moved in by December 31st so they are eligible for “Homestead Exemptions”.  From a home builder perspective, we started construction of new homes during the summer months so they would be completed and ready for those buyers hopping into the market during the last few months of the year.  Our goal is to have all of our completed homes “off the books” rolling into the new year.


How prices are expected to change

Often times, we have annual price agreements in place.  Guess when those are usually reviewed?  January and February.  As you’ve probably noticed at the grocery store, prices are the rise.  A lot of the materials we use for construction are also feeling the effects of increased transportation costs as well as skilled-labor shortages in many markets.   What does that mean for you?  Prices will increase and your purchasing power will be impacted.  If you wait to buy, you will pay more for the same house you can buy today.

The rebound of the real estate market will also impact the price you pay for real estate.  Over the last six years, buyers were able to look at a property several times and there wasn’t much competition against other buyers.  Over the last 24-months, the real estate market has made a strong turnaround.  Available inventory has depleted and buyers are often bidding for properties.  That too, pushes up prices.

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What prospective home buyers should do

You are in luck!  We have homes available across the southeast ready for immediate delivery.  Adams Homes offers new homes in more than 150 communities with new home sales professionals at each location, ready to assist you.  If you haven’t checked the value of your current home lately, you should!  Buying a new home saves buyers thousands.  New homes are much more energy efficient than used homes, cost less to insure and cost less to maintain.  Plus, interest rates are at historic lows so your purchasing power is strong.

Have a home to sell?  We can help.  Lock in today’s prices and sell your current home while we build you a new one.  (Not available in all locations)

Explore our communities online at  We’ve built more than 35,000 new homes since 1991.  We have modern floor plans and include lots of luxury features other builders consider upgrades.  Model homes are open daily.

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About Adams Homes:

Founded in 1991, Adams Homes is known as the premier home builder and is one of the largest privately-held home building companies in the southeast.  Adams Homes has built more than 40,000 new homes since 1991 and builds in seven states including new homes for sale in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee with corporate headquarters in Gulf Breeze, Florida.

Discover all Adams Homes’ communities, model homes and homes for sale on our website,  We have new homes for sale perfect for the first-time buyer, move-up home buyer, who desires to upgrade to a more accommodating new home, and the empty nester who desires to downsize to a smaller home.

While you’re at our website, explore our mortgage calculator and obtain financing information.

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