Why buy new: 14 reasons to pass on that used home

Written by: Elizabeth Porter   


You don't go to the store to buy old clothes, why would you take chances on buying a used home?  Buying a home is likely your largest financial investment.  

Sure the car dealers have given used cars nice names like pre-owned but the truth is they are second hand, old, worn and yes, used.  You have no idea what you are getting.  They don't even know what you are getting. That is why they are priced cheaper.  They have to be. No-one would pay a "new car" price for a used one.  Guess what, real estate is the same way.  You cannot buy a brand new home, with all of the latest technology at a used price.  

Here are 14 things to think about before signing on the dotted line.

1.Cost vs. Price: Used homes are priced lower for a reason.  Today’s homes are built nearly 50% more energy efficient than homes built in 2005 & 2006.  Yes, 50%*. New homes cost less to own, less to insure and less to maintain.  They perform better and last longer.

2.Peace of Mind: Used homes come as-is. That means no warranty. No customer service.  It breaks, you pay.  New homes are virtually maintenance free for many years.  Our new homes come with 1 / 2 / 10 year warranty.  One year builder warranty, two-year mechanical (behind the walls) and 10-year structural warranty. In addition, many of the new products we include have a manufacturer’s warranty.


3.No shady past:  Mold, pet urine, water damage, termites.  What else are you getting with a used home? Who knows.  With a new home, you are not inheriting someone else’s old problems.  A used home is a risky game of Hide & Seek.

4.Less Honey-Do’s.  Your new home is built just how you want it, no need to close and start remodeling someone else’s bad decorating choices.

5.Designed with you in mind: We survey every homeowner throughout the process and after closing to see how we can improve. Our floor plans are designed to meet the demands of today’s buyers.

6.We love kids & pets: Our new homes come with TAAEX, the tubes-in-the-wall pest control system.  That means no spraying toxic chemicals in your home when you use TAAEX as your pest control. **

7.Sound the alarm.  Our new homes include smoke and CO2 (carbon dioxide) detectors in every room.  Your family is worth it, right? 

8.Less down, less to close: We only require $1,000 initial investment to build you a brand new home.  When you new home is complete, we pay your closing costs.  This saves you thousands of dollars.  (Must use approved lender, excludes pre-paids)

9.Ready. Set. Move.  Buy new and there is no guessing of the final sales price and when you can move-in. We can give you realistic timeframes and an honest price up-front.  No need to negotiate with a bank and no haggling with needing to add thousands of dollars in upgrades.  We include it all.

10.Leave it to the pros.  We have highly trained staff ready to help guide you through the process.  We have a professional sales, construction, administrative and warranty team to assist you.  No 800#’s here and no call centers, we’re local.

11.It’s a home, not a house.  We build in growing metropolitan areas close to shopping, dining, professional services and schools.  We carefully select communities that give you more than just a place to lay your head. We give you a place to live.

12.Get more when you sell!  Maybe you are moving for work or maybe just need more space.  Whatever the reason you are selling your home, the newer the home, the higher the resale value. 


13.Strong Housing = Strong Economy: Housing is one of the key factors in the American economy.  When you buy new, hundreds of jobs are saved.  A stable economy ensures your investment continues to grow.

14.Memories start at home.  When you buy used, you are buying some else’s dream, someone else’s family memories.   Build a brand new home and start your own memories. 

*=Based on the Florida Building Code requirements today versus 2005

**=Verify with sales associate


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