What to do Before Meeting with your Realtor

realtor showing couple propertyMeeting with your realtor is one of the most exciting steps before buying a home. It’s the first legitimate step you can take to prove that you’re serious about the process. But what should you do before meeting with your Realtor? With Adams Homes, we believe there are two major things to do before meeting with your Realtor. Prepare yourself for owning a home, prepare yourself for the realtor.

Prepare yourself for owning a home

You Need a Budget – There are great programs, specifically like one called ‘You Need a Budget,’ which budgets out how much you make against how much you spend. Try juggling a budget and adding into your savings for a few months. If you are struggling to save up money or properly restrict your spending, you might need to try increasing your frugality first.

Estimate the Market – The market rises and falls all the time. Take the time to familiarize yourself with housing market trends to see if now is a good opportunity to buy or not. There is a lot of reform in areas to decrease the cost of housing, and your area could soon be on that list!

Prepare yourself for the Realtor

Bring that Budget – Take your budget, hopefully now backed up by a few months of experience to the realtor. Bring the budget and the amount you feel comfortable spending on the house. From there, convey to the dealer everything you want and need. If there are truly vital things in a house, explain that to the realtor. They are there to find you your home.

Prepare to Invest – Real Estate Brokers and house hunting requires money and time to be invested. You won’t find a home overnight and truth-be-told, you wouldn’t want that in the first place. Survey all of the options available multiple times before deciding. Falling in love with the first home that you see can have detrimental effects if you don’t trust your Realtor or have some patience.

Adams Homes

With Adams homes, we always want you to be comfortable before meeting with your Realtor. House buying is an investment that will affect the rest of your life. It can be stressful, but it is also very fulfilling. If you would like to know more about the house buying process or learn more about our incredible selection of homes, contact us today!

2 thoughts on “What to do Before Meeting with your Realtor

  1. Finding an investment realtor is important but also make sure they are dedicated to working for you. My realtor isn’t usually helping investors but she sends me whatever information I need almost instantaneously. MLS, tax/price history, sale comps, rental comps, etc.. This saves a tremendous amount of time when I need to analyze multiple properties and not waste days waiting to receive the correct information. I have analyzed enough properties to where I kind of know what I’m looking for now so I do not rely on her to find the deals for me but rather provide all the information I need.

  2. My husband and I are planning to buy a residential home, which is why we’re currenlty looking for a realtor that may help us out. Although, I agree with you that we must familiarize ourselves first regarding the housing market trends. We’ll also keep in midn to prepare our desired budget before meeting with the agent.

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