What can I do to have a more energy efficient home?

Written by Stephanie Vaughn

altThere is so much talk now about energy efficiency.  Most people do care about the environment and our energy resources.  However, the bottom line is that increased energy efficiency saves money by reducing the costs on your power bill.  The US Department of Energy (DOE) has a tremendous amount of information on the best practices for saving energy.  Check it out at www.energy.gov or www.energystar.gov



Adding more insulation to your attic is a great way to help promote effective heating and cooling of your house.  If you have about 11 inches of loose fiberglass or 8” of cellulose insulation you are at “R-30”.  Add more insulation to boost the efficiency, especially if you have less than this.


Here are a few easy homeowner tips that I’d like to share:

  • Those energy efficient light bulbs do help and are worth the investment
  • Buy Energy Star appliances when possible, they offer superior energy savings
  • Seal any air leaks in doors, windows and air conditioning ducts: use weather stripping, caulk, and/or foam
  • Clean the HVAC air filter (it shouldn’t be a home for dust bunnies)
  • Were you born in a barn? “Shut the door!”  Hot and cool air escape very quickly
  • Use blinds, drapes, and shades to shield from the hot sun in the summer
  • Turn off power sources when not in use – this can add up quickly for savings
  • Like mom always said: “Turn the water off”… when not in use
  • Make your thermostat work for you: program it to work less when you are out of the house and at night
  • The old refrigerator in your garage is keeping your beer cold, but robbing your house of energy.  Refrigerators are utilized best in air conditioned space.


Happy Energy Saving!

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