Water in your Home: How to Control Moisture Problems

By: Ben Wallace

Water in your home is the best modern convenience of the 19th century. Water can also be the most destructive force in your home.

Today we use water inside our homes to do everything from creating ice and sterilizing to making the ‘outhouse’ an in-house. We have refrigerators that can cool it, crush it, cube it, and filter it. Our showers can spray, pulsate, alternate.  We also cook with it, clean with it, and create condensation as we cool and heat with it. Water runs throughout our homes in pipes, drains,  flashing’s, and weep holes. Rain, sleet, and snow add an additional element of concern for the exterior of your home.

As a home owner we should always be mindful of how water will affect our homes. Cooking can add additional water vapor to the atmosphere inside our homes. A nice steamy hot shower will create enough water to cause condensation to run down the walls, giving mold and wood-infesting insects an opportunity to start an invasion.

How can I prevent mold and other moisture problems in my home?

Preventing moisture problems is the most important way to control mold indoors. Here are several simple ways to prevent moisture from becoming a problem in your home:

  • Fix plumbing, flashing and roof leaks as soon as possible.
  • Cover dirt in crawlspaces with plastic sheeting, and appropriately ventilate the crawlspace.
  • Install exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom. *Always use exhaust fans when cooking and showering.
  • Avoid using humidifiers since they will add moisture to your home and may cause mold growth. However, if you must use a humidifier, change the water daily and clean the tank weekly.
  • Your air conditioner works to dehumidify and control moisture in humid weather. Air conditioners and dehumidifiers should be regularly cleaned and maintained.
  • Gas operated systems can add additional moisture if not properly vented.
  • Dry the water from condensing windows on cold days and splashed water for sinks and tubs.
  • Improve air circulation in your home by opening windows when weather permits, using fans, and keeping doors between rooms open.
  • Prevent water from entering basements and crawlspaces by repairing holes and cracks in walls; use landscaping to direct water away from your foundation.
  • Clean and maintain your gutters, and make sure drain pipes carry water several feet from your home.
  • Keep the relative humidity in your home between 40 percent and 60 percent. You can purchase a device to accurately measure relative humidity levels.
  • Insure vent to clothes dryer is clear of obstructions and vents to the exterior of home.

The next time you turn on water in your home be thankful we no longer have to dip it from a well or creek. But also remember with the convenience of this luxury also comes the responsibility to prevent the possibility of damage.

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