Vinyl Flooring Care

General InformationaltVinyl flooring made its debut in 1933, but did not hit its peak in popularity until the late 40’s.

Vinyl flooring is also known as resilient flooring, due to its bounce back characteristic. Vinyl flooring is available in either a sheet or tile option. Vinyl floors are considered to be a valued design tool, particularly in high-traffic and wet areas of your everyday household kitchens and bathrooms.Vinyl is easy to maintain, easy to install, and is more moisture-resistant than alternative flooring materials.

Added perks of vinyl flooring are reduced noise, plus comfort and warmth underfoot. Vinyl floors are available in most every style and color, including more modern looks of wood and ceramic.

Vinyl tiles can come in two basic categories – solid vinyl and a vinyl composition. Vinyl sheet flooring, which is most common in new home installation, comes in three basic categories – homogeneous, inlaid, and layered composite. All of these vinyl flooring products differ based on their own unique manufacturing process and content. Different types of vinyl flooring options can contain as much as 55% vinyl and other options may only contain 11% vinyl, but both options are referred to as vinyl.

Recommended Home Owner Maintenance

Vinyl flooring is considered to be durable and long lasting, but just like any other alternative flooring material, your vinyl floors still need to be maintained and cared for regularly to stay looking like new.

Regular maintenance should include a light sweeping or dry-mopping on a daily basis. It is recommended to damp-mop your vinyl floors at least once a week with clean warm water. If damp-mopping with clean warm water does not do the trick, try cleaning your vinyl flooring using one tablespoon of liquid dish washing detergent to one quart of water. Another cleaning solution you can utilize is using one tablespoon of clear ammonia to one quart of lukewarm water, follow by rinsing the floors with fresh water to avoid leaving behind a film.

A basic pink school eraser is great for removing scuffs from shoes.

Tips and Tricks


  • Do lay plywood or underlayment sheet down when moving heavy objects across your vinyl flooring.
  • Do cover legs of furniture with felt protectors, like any floor covering you should protect your vinyl floors.
  • Do use non-staining doormats or rugs in entrance areas (NOTE: some rubber or foam-backed doormats or rugs can cause surface staining, make sure to use on non-staining options)


  • Do not roll heavy objects directly on to a newly installed vinyl floor for at least 5 days after the installation.
  • Do not thoroughly wash newly installed vinyl flooring for at least 5 days, to allow the adhesive enough time to cure
  • Do not use a vacuum with a beater bar, this can scratch your vinyl flooring.

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These tips were meant to provide general information and are worded based on our personal experiences combined with online research. We always recommend calling a licensed, trained professional for specifics including warranty information, code requirements, precise instructional information, etc.  Since we are a new home builder, some products, materials and processes may change over time and may vary in the different locations we build new homes.  

Please refer to your new home warranty paperwork included in your homeowner orientation packet for more information. More home improvement tips can be found here.

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  2. Thank you for the post on vinyl floor care. I like the idea to use felt protectors under furniture legs to help prevent scratching the floor. Also sweeping before you mop so you don’t rub small bits of dirt and rock against the vinyl floor is a good way to avoid scratches. I’ll remember this if my wife and I end up choosing vinyl flooring to be installed.

  3. The vinyl tiles that simulate tile or stone look identical to the real version. A flooring professional will have a hard time distinguishing the difference when trying to identify which floor is vinyl. Recently added to the flooring industry is vinyl planks, when installed, that look very similar to wood flooring.

  4. Investing in vinyl flooring is a good choice. Only smart homeowners can do this kind of investments. Vinyl flooring is advantageous in the following ways.
    1)It is one of the least expensive flooring options available in the market.
    2)Its scratch resistance nature makes it more durable than other flooring products.
    3)It needs less care to remain in good condition.
    4)Lastly, it is available in many colors and designs.

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