Today is the Day. Time to Write.

By: Janine Howle

You made the decision.  You are moving forward to your new future in your new Adams Home.  You have decided on the subdivision that is right for you and your family.  The Site Manager has helped you choose the lot to build on and the floor plan that is perfect!  Now it is time to write the contract.

  1. Set a convenient appointment. Best if small children are taken care of elsewhere.  Give yourself at least an hour and a half to write the contract.
  2. Bring with you a pre-approval letter from an approved Lender.
  3. Have your Earnest Money Deposit Check with you.

There are so many great options to choose from and a limited budget.  How can you prioritize your choices?

First. Money matters.  If you have a budget, ask your Site Agent to help you stick to it.

Second.  Start with options that must be done during the initial construction.  For example, a covered porch that is tied into the roof line and a plumbing addition, like a separate shower must be done during initial construction.  A fence, refrigerator, sprinkler system or blinds all can be added later.  Some folks want these last items to be in the mortgage so they add them to the contract.  But wait. Remember not all items add value to the house.  They can be classified as personal property. The appraiser may not give them the value on the appraisal equal to the cost of the item.

money for a house

Third.  Go over your dream list with the first two steps in mind.  Finalize your choices.  Ask your Site Manager to write up the addendum with the narrowed down list of options and total up the cost of the items to come up with the final sales price.  Is it within your budget?  Did you forget anything important to you or your family member?

Lastly.  Ready, Set, Sign.  There are lots of disclosures and information your Site Manager needs to share with you.  Take your time.  Ask questions.  As you approach the last page of the contract, congratulate yourself.  You have just contracted to build or buy your new Adams Homes!   Awesome decision!

happy clients buying with adams homes

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