Tips for Moving Into Your New Home

Is your new place ready for you to move in? Get your pen-paper ready and make a checklist of things you need to do before deciding to pack and move in. These tips will save you time and hardships as you get ready to start a new journey in your new home. 

Declutter Before You Pack

Are you excited about moving to a new home? Are you worried about what to bring and what to leave behind? You aren’t alone. 

Many new homeowners declutter after moving in. However, decluttering before you pack has its benefits; you will be able to streamline your move and bring only useful stuff. 

Sort your things by either putting them into the trash, something that can be donated, and things you can give for recycling.

A few decluttering tips:

– Go through all your documents and paper.

– Check all beauty products

– Throw away worn-out cables and wires

– Lose all old toys

– Go through the closet to find clothes that can be donated

Plan for New Space

Think of your floor plan and draw out the details to figure out how your large appliances and furniture will fit into it. This will give you an idea about your new space and help in decluttering. 

Plan to Unpack

So you packed all your belongings but can’t remember where you kept matching trousers or TV remote. Packing like items together will ensure a smooth unpacking. If you have your floor plan, pack those items that will be kept together in a room. 

Labeling your boxes is also an excellent technique to unpack only required boxes in initial days and weeks. If you live with kids or pets, pack their things together. 

Consider what you will require on your first night and first few days, pack accordingly. Are there any upcoming events or school days that need specific clothing and things? 

Setting up Utilities

Having water, electricity, Air conditioning/Heater, internet setup from the beginning will make your move pleasant. You will also need to set up redirect all your posts to a new address. 

Other Small Things to Consider

A few essential things to consider while moving in:

  • Rekey all locks to ensure safety.
  • Replace batteries of smoke detectors.
  • Painting is easy when the place is empty. Pick up shades for your house and get that done before moving in as paint smell takes time to disappear. 
  • Don’t start unpacking right away. Thoroughly clean and sanitize your new home. 
  • Deep clean carpets. You can call for professional cleaners; they can deep clean your house for dust and mites. 
  • Pack and mark basic need and important things for kids or pets that you will need right away.
  • Unpacking large appliances and furniture first and then move towards smaller boxes. 

What’s Next?

Make sure you Plan, declutter, and pack to start a stress-free journey in your new home. 

Moving to a new space is a process that has no definitive time scale. Take your time to set up your new home.

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