Time to Get Organized – {Pantry Edition}

What does your pantry look like at home??  I'm some-what ashamed to share mine, but the finished product came out looking pretty good so I'm pleased to share it now.  I have a really nice size pantry in my house and I really wanted to make it multi-purpose.  I wanted to not only store food in the pantry, but I wanted to utilize it to store my applicances that are not used very frequently and some serving dishes that are rarely used as well.  This meant that I needed to consolodate the food in my pantry and organize it better so that I would have the space for these items. 


You can see in the before pictures below that things were pretty disorganized and could use some tidying up!


Below are all the "AFTER SHOTS."

Instead of taking everything in my pantry out all at once, I organized in sections.  I started with my baked goods.  I found these cute jars below from Target for around $6.99 a piece and put my flours, sugars and baking supplies in these.  I would like to add some labels to each of the jars as well.  Then, I used a couple of wire baskets that I also found at Target to consoldate some of my other baking supplies such as baking powder, baking soda, etc.  To the right, I also have a basket that contains all my sugars and teas together.



I am a peanut better fanatic, so below is a 3 tier spice/can rack from Walmart that has my peanut butters, honeys and jellies.  I love being able to see all of the labels for these.  On the bottom shelf I have a couple of lazy susans from Target that I keep our medicine and vitamins on.  It makes it so easy to find what I'm looking for by just spinning them around.  I love it.


Here I have 3 baskets that contain different catagories.  One is for salad toppings such as croutons, nuts, almonds, dried cranberries, etc.  The second is for snacks such as trailmix, peanut butter pretzels, rice cakes, granola, and such.  The third one has things like sundried tomatoes, bacon pieces, ramon noodles, and popcorns.  I love these baskets, which are also stackable if you have room, because they keep everything in order.  Below the baskets are more 3-tier can/spice racks from Walmart  (Target carries them too) that hold all my canned goods.  Again, it is so nice to be able to read all the labels on the cans so I know what I have and what I may be out of. 




The last photo shows how I was able to make room all along the bottom shelf to fit my appliances and serving pieces.  I love the way it turned it.  On the floor, below the bottom shelf, we keep the drinks, dog food, and other large items that can be tucked under the shelf. 



I hope this post helps inspire you to go through your pantry and GET ORGANIZED.  It feels so great once you are done.  Don't be frustrated if it takes a couple of trips to the store to get exactly what you are looking for to make your pantry just right.  Walmart, Target and HomeGoods are great places to find all your organizational needs. 


I would love to see photos of your organized or disorganized pantry.  Even better, share with us your before and after photos on our Facebook page.

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