Third Quarter Founders Club Winners

Now Announcing Quarter Three Founders Club Winners

The time has come again for us to announce our Founders Club Winners. As you know, throughout the year, we receive nominations to recognize some of our above-and-beyond team members for the amazing work they do. These team players are the people we feel mirror our company mission and come to work truly doing the best that they can every day without fail. So without further ado, here are our third quarter winners!
Below their photographs, you will find kind words about our newest club members from the respective management team that nominated them.


Sales Agent of the Quarter, Q3, Kathleen Kruger, Memphis

Kathleen is known as a go-getter in the Memphis office. When she is asked to do something, no matter how daunting, she makes it happen. She also provides extensive industry research about the current market and our competition. This research is extremely beneficial and gives her an opportunity to show off her knowledge of the home building business. Kathleen is our strongest Memphis agent and has always maintained an upbeat attitude, even when encountering production issues.


Superintendent of the Quarter, Q3, David Collins, Lakeland

David Collins has been with Adams Homes since December 2017. He started working for us with very little construction experience, but he came equipped with a desire to learn and a positive attitude. He completed his training early and as soon as he was on his own, he shined. His ability to communicate effectively with members of the trade and his team is a valuable asset and a true skill. David is currently the “go-to” guy for training new superintendents coming into his division. He is respectful and engaging and there is no intimidation or aggression in the communities he maintains. We are lucky to have him with us here at Adams Homes and we are proud to be able to thank him for his service with this award.


Division Team Member of the Quarter, Q3, Amanda Yost, Spring Hill

Amanda works above and beyond all expectations. She is extremely driven and determined to meet our division’s annual goals. She has a wonderful positive attitude and a very happy-go-lucky personality that lights up our office. Amanda is not afraid of hard work and is always willing to learn new tasks. She has a desire to continuously improve her skills and wants to continue to grow in her position and with Adams Homes.


Gulf Breeze Team Member of the Quarter, Q3, Helen Ferrante, Gulf Breeze

Helen Ferrante, Adams Homes’ Inventory Status Team Leader, has been with the company since 2002. She joined the Construction Lending department in 2005 and was promoted to Team Leader in 2015. Helen is responsible for leading a team of 4 employees who ensure lots are purchased and the status of every piece of property Adams’ owns (or is about to purchase) is accurate.

Helen is dedicated to getting the work done, even if it means long hours. Helen’s team rallies very well together – they work hard to meet their weekly and monthly deadlines, but have fun while doing it, too! They hold the Team Spirit title for last year’s Christmas decorating competition. She’s appreciated by her team because she’s always available to answer a question, shows her appreciation for them, and shares the recognition for all they do together as a team.


Sales Manager of the Quarter, Q3, Millie Carpenter, Destin

Millie is simply the best. She has a personality that wins people’s hearts and propels them to do a great job. She constantly coaches her sales team to achieve their goals. She has endless amounts of energy that rubs off on everyone she’s helping or even just talking to. She has been with Adams Homes as a Sales Manager since 2001 and was a sales associate prior to her current position. When it comes to getting something done or putting an event together for Adams Homes she always does her team and the company proud. Her division feels that they cannot do it without her and that her positive attitude and work ethic is simply outstanding. She is 1st class.


Production Manager of the Quarter, Q3, Hunter Bell, Baldwin

Hunter is a very hard worker who is always willing to do whatever is asked with a great attitude. He is known for his even-tempered, fair, and diplomatic management style. He allows his superintendents to perform their duties free from unnecessary micromanagement, yet still holds everyone accountable. He is unassuming and goes about his work in a consistent diligent manner. He is always pleasant and enjoyable to work with and leads by example. Most importantly, he has a quick wit and a servant’s attitude that his team appreciates on the tough days.

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