5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Home Builder

According to a good home report, 73% of people who are happy with their home are also happy in life. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) predicts that the housing sector will grow from 1.24 million starts in 2019 to 1.32 million in 2021. 

Investing in your dream home can be one of your life’s most crucial decisions. So, from choosing the location to the builder, you must weigh every aspect thoughtfully. Therefore, here we share the five essential things you must look for when hiring a home builder.  

Approval and licenses

Once you zero in on a property, look at all the contractor’s documents such as approved building plans, commencement certificate for work, environment clearance, and land title status. You must check:

  1. Title deed: It verifies the land’s ownership. Confirm if the builder has bought it or just has the developmental rights. 
  2. Release certificate: When buying a resale property, check if it has a bank loan. Get a release certificate from the bank stating the loan has been repaid.
  3. Land use: Look at the city master plan for the plot to verify land use. 
  4. Approval from the local body: Ensure that the development corporation and local authority have approved the complete plot. 
  5. Property tax: For buying a property in resale, ask for previous property tax receipts and other bills to ensure there are no pending utility bills. 


Customer satisfaction is a crucial factor when choosing a builder. You can gauge any contractor’s past performance through online reviews. Ask them for past client references and get in touch with them to get honest feedback. Apart from work quality, ask specific questions about delays, communication gaps, and commitment to rectifying mistakes after gaining possession.


You should find an experienced contractor. The number of years they have spent on the job will reflect in everything they do. However, it doesn’t imply that a new company can’t build good homes. An old company might misuse its reputation and use low-quality material or ancient techniques. Therefore, irrespective of their work experience, you must research every prospective home builder’s work quality before choosing.


Stay away from builders who sound vague while discussing the warranty and quality of their work. A reliable company will give you a clear and detailed contract. They should also show their artistry warranty, general liability insurance, and other paperwork without hesitation. 

Structural quality

The quality of materials, such as cement and steel, will have a significant impact on your home’s structural framework. A dedicated builder will take cube tests and steel tests to ensure that the materials are of top quality.

Adams Homes provides a two-year warranty for defects, including material and artistry, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical fittings and installations. The contract also covers structural defects for up to 10 years.

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As home builders, we offer a straightforward purchase policy to create a win-win outcome for all involved parties. We also help customers finance a property through our ‘Approved Lender List.’ We are currently serving homebuyers in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Texas. You can fill our contact form to know more.

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