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Written by: Hannah Davis

If your one of the many American’s who works from home or like me, who likes to brings work home, this blog article is a must read.  Having a home office is one thing, but having a stylish, sophisticated, yet functional home office is another.  So today I am going to share with you a few of my favorite home office essentials.

Anthropologie & Trash for Office at Home – Adams Homes

  1. Everyone needs a good catch all caddy that is slim and narrow with good angles.  I am loving the one pictured above from Anthropologie with its clean lines and modern vibes.  This piece is functional yet professional.
  2. Item two is also from Anthropologie and pairs perfectly with the listed above catch all caddy.
  3. Need a trash can?  This item is fun without being over the top.  This simple trash can is from Urban Outfitters and really jazzes up a normally unattractive item.

Staple, Light Piece, Chic Storage, Tape & Whimsical Clock  - Adams Homes

  1. This has sophisticated written all over it.  Probably one of my favorite items in this article, this classy stapler is far from boring.
  2. If your home office is combined with another room in your home, make sure you have a lighting piece similar to this one that will help define your space.
  3. It is important to have a playful side when decorating your home office.  Have fun with items like a clock.  The clock featured above adds a bit of whimsy without being over stated.
  4. These chic storage item from anthropologie can real help up the sophisticated feel you desire.
  5. Item five is another well stated option for a whimsical clock.  If you are lacking in desk space this clock is ideal.
  6. For another touch of whimsy try adding fun pieces like the one featured above.
  7. This tape dispenser pairs quite nicely with the sophisticated stapler so of course I had to include it.

Floating & Free Standing Storage Stand – Adams Homes

  1. Item one is a great option for free standing storage.  This piece has just the right amount of chic and modern mix.
  2. Looking for more whimsical items?  Then this one is for you.  Item two is a great fun and functional free floating storage option.
  3. This piece is rustic and functional.  I adore the chalk board and its many other great functional features.
  4. Item four is similar to item one, but with a more rustic twist.  This option is great for those limited on space.

Indoor Storage Stand for Potted Flowers in Office – Adams Homes

  1. Add some life into your home office with a few indoor potted plants and flowers.  Option one is perfect for small spaces and hangs conveniently on your wall.
  2. Option two has a modern vibe to it and would fit ideally in a corner.
  3. Item three fits neatly on your desk with its slim and narrow shape.

Those are just a few of my favorite home office essentials.  A home office doesn’t have to be boring and plain have fun with it, get in touch with your creative side.  Remember the key is to have a space your comfortable enough to work in.  I hope this helped sparks some new ideas for your home office. To know more in detail about home improvementclick here!.

We love hearing your feedback!  Share with us what some of your home office essentials are?  What was your favorite item on this list?

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