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Life is much better with choices.  Just think if you went to a restaurant and the only choice was Cobb Salad.  I love Cobb Salad, but if I had to eat it every time I went out to dinner I would soon tire of it.

What if you wanted a new sports car and the dealers only sold station wagons?  Perhaps you love rocky road ice cream, but now vanilla is the only flavor that the grocery stores sell.  Ladies, I won’t even mention shoes.  If I told my wife that she could only wear one pair of shoes for the rest of her life, I don’t even want to picture that reaction.

At Adams Homes we believe the choice is yours.  For starters we offer 29 floor plans; each plan has two to four elevations.  After choosing the plan that fits your family’s lifestyle the next decision is to choose from 22 color combos and then 6 roofing choices.  After you think you are done you have 26 flooring selections to choose from.  Don’t rest you are not done yet.  There are 32 countertop selections to choose from.  There are now dozens of personal choices to make.

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Why is this important?  Many people think Adams is like the big cookie cutter builders. These builders build home after home that is almost identical.  If you look at a used home, then you must settle for the choices (or lack of) that were made by someone else. I doubt any of you would allow a stranger to pick out your clothing.  Why would you allow them to choose the colors and personal choice items for your home?

With so many choices it is amazing that Adams Homes still has over 80 included features as well. It sounds like your choices are limitless, but really there is only one choice: Adams Homes.

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About Adams Homes

Founded in 1991, Adams Homes is known as the premier home builder and is one of the largest privately-held home building companies in the southeast.  Adams Homes has built more than 35,000 new homes since 1991 and builds in seven states including new homes for sale in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee with corporate headquarters in Gulf Breeze, Florida.

Discover all Adams Homes’ communities, model homes and homes for sale on our website,  We have new homes for sale perfect for the first-time buyer, move-up home buyer, who desires to upgrade to a more accommodating new home, and the empty nester who desires to downsize to a smaller home.

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