Technology and the Household; a New Generation

It’s no secret that over the past 20 years, technology has been unstoppable. Let’s just take a peek back into 1999, Adams Homes is 8-years-old and flourishing. Our buyers are primarily using VHS tapes to watch movies and are getting in contact with friends and family off of a landline phone. If you were to load this page in 1999 you’d have that all too familiar dial tone ringing in your ears as the computer turned its gears and tried its best to load the words. People paid bills in person and used the Yellow Pages to find out our phone number.

Fast forward to today’s world and you’ll find that people are now streaming television and movies from phones, tablets and smart TV’s. If you needed to contact someone you could immediately do so from the phone in your pocket. If this page doesn’t load in at least 5 seconds or less, you may need to check to make sure your internet isn’t down, and if you were looking for our number, all you would need to do is Google “Adams Homes” with your location.

Technology has grown so far, in fact, that people are now getting comfortable slowly incorporating it into their homes. Through virtual assistants like Alexa or Google Home, you now have the capability to turn on and off lights, power individual outlets, turn on televisions, change the channel, and change the temperature of your home all through voice activation. We’re also sure there’s much much more that they can do that we haven’t even listed. There are robotic vacuums that can voice activate, clean your floors, and even clean themselves out for next time! Another thing being incorporated in homes are more affordable movement-activated video coverage of your home. These cameras help prevent theft and can help you easily monitor your home while you’re away.

Technology is becoming more accessible than ever with easier installations and plug-and-play accessories. Out of all of those previously listed, the only thing that would even actually require a professional to install would be a virtual assistant controlled thermostat.

With the simplicity of switching out more simple devices, it is becoming easier and easier to update your home as an individual, without having anything hardwired. Meaning that every home can be transformed into what people are referring to as “smart homes”. So, with that in mind, and how fast the new household technology moves-and-improves how do we, as homebuilders, land on what to start incorporating into our homes? In as little as a year, anything that we permanently affixed to the home could be outdated. The world is moving fast and it’s important to look for the things that are going to stick around and become staples in today’s day and age. Are we moving towards a society where each home built is a smart home? Or are we just modifying and moving on?

What do you think? What have you incorporated into your home? Comment below to let us know!

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