Take your bathroom from drab to FAB, Part II.

Living in Splendor – Bathroom Edition

08112015 living in splendor - from drab to fab photo 2Are you considering renovating your bathroom? Need some inspiration? Don’t know where to begin?  Then, this five part blog series will help give you the inspiration you’ve been looking for! We’ll have a bathroom design for everyone; from luxuries, modern, traditional, eclectic, to spa-like bathroom designs.

In the “Living in Splendor” bathroom design below, we chose to stay with a white and gray color scheme.  Next, we went with a chrome finish for the metal items in the room.  Then, we used chic mirrored accessories to add a little sparkle.  Finally, we finished off the room by adding a touch of bling with the cabinet knobs, while keeping it classy with those beautiful glass flower vases.

08112015 living in splendor - from drab to fab photo 1

Item 1: Do you have a pedestal sink?  Then, you’re going to love this rolling organizer from Bed Bath & Beyond.  We adore its chrome finish and two-tier design.  This lovely item is perfect for storing your haircare products, styling products, and skincare products.  We suggest using decorative glass jars to store smaller items like; toothbrushes, ponytail holders, bobby pins, cotton balls, Q-tips, etc.

Item 2: Do you have multiple people sharing a bathroom?  Perhaps you and your husband are sharing a bathroom or maybe your kids are sharing a bathroom?  We all know, when sharing a bathroom it can be confusing whose towel is whose.  Have you already resorted to color-coding your towels?  It’s time to ditch your color-coded towel system!  We’ve found this stylish, yet functional, substitute.  These elegant stainless steel, gold letter hooks are a great way to personalize the perfect spot for each of your family member’s towels.  While searching the internet we stumbled upon an array of letter hooks.  We found these beauties at Anthropologie.

Item 3: Who doesn’t love a good bubble bath?  We found this awesome bathtub caddy at Bed Bath & Beyond.  This neat product comes with a built-in book holder and is the ideal place for a glass of wine, bath salts, soap, and/or candles.  We also found this item in several other stores, in a variety of styles and finishes.  We specifically chose this chrome finish for our “Living in Splendor” bathroom design.

Item 4: Are your bathroom cabinets in need of some TLC. Don’t worry we’ve found several great storage options to help improve the functionality of your bathroom cabinets.  We found this chrome finish cabinet organizer with pullout drawers at none other than Bed Bath & Beyond. This item is great for keeping things nice and neat under your sink.

Item 5: This bathroom wouldn’t be complete without a bit of sparkle.  We adore these cabinet knobs from Anthropologie and Pier 1 Imports.  There just the perfect amount of bling to finish off this “Living in Splendor” bathroom design.  When designing your dream bathroom, don’t overlook these minor details.

Item 6: Short on space, than you could benefit from this over-the-door vanity station and bath storage from Pottery Barn. This well-designed piece is great for storing your makeup, makeup brushes, nail polish, etc. The mirror also includes functional hooks for hanging your towels. We appreciate this items clean line, white acrylic frame with chrome and glass accents.

Item 7: Looking for the perfect stylish addition for your bathroom? Elevate your bathroom with this luxe collection of glamorous bath accessories and elegant mirrored makeup storage from Pottery Barn.  With their mirrored surfaces, these luxe pieces occupy a minimum of visual space while providing ample room for organizing essentials.  The glitzy canisters, tray, and tissue box cover make the picture-perfect addition to your “Living in Splendor” bathroom design.

Item 8: Flowers can brighten up any room in your house, especially your bathroom.  We searched the internet for a sophisticated, yet stylish flower vase for our “Living in Splendor” bathroom design.  We stumbled upon the flawless vase at Anthropologie.  Their Bulle Glass Tapered Vase adds just the right amount of whimsy, while still managing to keep it classy with its elegant glass design.

Item 9: We paired these Kettle handles from Anthropologie with our knobs from item 5.  Their simple, clean line design pairs quite nicely with our sparkly knob choice.  We chose to add a bit flare with our knobs, but keep our handle selection simple, for a more seamless design style.

Item 10: Lose the clutter from your bathroom countertops!  Organize your haircare tools and accessories with this Spectrum Grind Over-The-Door Styling Caddy from Bed Bath & Beyond.  This is a great clutter-control option for your bathroom.

Those are just a few of our favorite “Living in Splendor” bathroom design tips and tricks. Enjoy!

What is your favorite item on this list?  Do you like this “Living in Splendor” bathroom design?

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