Super Bowl Party Ideas

By: Annie Malone

The Super Bowl is this Sunday! I can't believe it.  Because that also means that it is already February!  Wow. 

I scoured my favorite website, Pinterest, and found some really cute ideas for a fun Super Bowl party or even some fun food options to bring over to a party if you are attending one.  Here are the cute ideas I found:



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There are lots of really cute ideas that you can do to make little footballs with your dips or desserts.  I also love the little hot dog buffet you see in the photo.  You could do that with hamburgers, meatballs, brats, or anything else you can throw in a crockpot.  Don't forget our delicious BBQ Chicken Dip recipe from the other day that would make a great dip for the game!


football-san fran-superbowl


What are you favorite foods to eat when you are watching football?  What team will you be pulling for on Sunday?  Or will you just be glad that the Super Bowl means the end of football season??

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