Stay Organized When Moving

Are you moving? Keep calm and cool with these organization tips.

By: Mike James

Staying organized while moving is crucial to keep stress levels low. One of the most difficult parts of relocating is packing all of your belongings up. Packing strategically and in an organized manner will save you a lot of energy and frustration.

However, staying organized while getting ready for a move does require some extra effort on your part.

Here are three tips to help make staying organized and efficient while packing easier:

Ready, set, move!

1. Remember that you can’t take it all with you.

Well, you probably can take all of your belongings with you. However, doing so is just going to make things more difficult. So, go through your things before you start packing and figure out what you don’t need to bring with you. Donate, sell, or get rid of this stuff in some other fashion to make your load a little lighter.

2. Make a list.

Write down every single thing that’s going to be moving with you. As you pack this stuff up, use your list to write down reminders about which stuff is packed in which particular boxes. This will make your unpacking experience a lot easier, and it will help you remember which boxes contain fragile items, so you can be particularly careful with them as you move.

3. Give yourself enough time to do the job right.

At all costs, you should avoid only giving yourself a couple of days to pack everything up. Ideally, you should start packing several weeks before the move, and pack what you use the most often last. Giving yourself adequate time is one of the keys to packing organization success. Without the stress of having to get everything boxed up as fast as you can, you can focus on accomplishing your packing goals well.

Moving is stressful. Take deep breaths, stay focused on what you need to accomplish, and know that organization can make all the difference!

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