State of the Union, Round Tables and 2019!

Finding out ways to improve for our team and home-buyers

“The KISS method… Keep it simple, stupid.” Was just one of the methods Wayne Adams lived his life by, and this morning as Bryan Adams stood before his team members addressing any concerns they may have, he reminded himself of the tried and true saying.

Over the past few weeks and as we’re nearing 2019, we at Adams Homes are constantly looking for ways we can improve. Earlier this month, we hosted round-table discussions with our Sales Managers to talk about the day-to-day activities of the people working out in the field, and directly with our purchasers. In these discussions, we got into the nitty-gritty of the future we all want to see from the company. Everyone had a chance or opportunity to talk, and for those who did, we listened.

First thing this morning, a “State of the Union” was called upon the corporate office, with breakfast included, of course. So while people munched on eggs and sipped their coffee, our President and CEO Bryan Adams talked about ways we can improve from within.

In October, team members of Adams Homes were handed surveys that asked what the company was doing well and what we could improve upon. Adams took the constructive criticism and answered any questions that seemed pertinent to the upward propulsion of the company. He also touched on the history of the company and what Adams Homes truly means to him and what he hopes it means to everyone else.

Adams kept true to his late dad’s saying and kept the overall discussion simple when it came to improvement. Whether that improvement comes directly from people talking and communicating more with our consumers or indirectly from team members showing more empathy and compassion for one another. No matter what though, we are always going to be looking for ways we can make Adams Homes better.

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