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The Energy Star logo is prevalent on many major appliances, tools, and home and business goods and products.    Most know that the product must be more energy efficient. 

However, Energy Star is a program that was established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to encourage consumers to focus on saving energy and fight global warming.  Energy Star has strict rules and guidelines for companies to follow in order for their products and services to be given an Energy Star partner label. 

An initiative has started on actual businesses and homeowners to utilize Energy Star practices in their own offices and homes to conserve energy.  There are somes practices we can all do cut down costs of power bills.  Here are a few around-the-house tips to conserve energy and save money:

  • Replace your light bulbs with Energy Star qualified lights; you can save up to an average of$65 a year in energy costs.  The bulbs use 75% less energy and last up to 10 times longer.
  • Set and use your programmable thermostat, it averages a savings of $180 a year.
  • Use Energy Star appliances, see if they are eligible for a rebate with your utility company
  • Seal your windows and doors and have your air ducts checked for leaks, your utility company can give you recommendations on companies to call
  • Call a professional for an energy rating on your home.  They can make recommendations on more insulation, duct leaks, solar water heaters, solar power, water purification systems, etc.  If you are in the Orlando, Jacksonville or Tampa area, call me at 407-297-3939. 

There are many ways families can work together.  Have them help out with this initiative.  The nagging you may do to turn off the lights when they leave a room, to shut the fridge or turn off the water is now “constructive lessons in energy conservation”.   Have those teenagers unplug the unused electronics, turn off their computer monitors when not in use and use power strips for multiple plugs.   Encourage the kids to recycle their unwanted (good condition) belongings to a friend or charity. Kids can use reusable water bottles for their water & sport drinks. 


The entire family can use each side of all computer and notebook paper; have a scrap paper box handy for one-sided discards.  Teach them what goes in the recycle bin (plastics, glass, newspaper, aluminum, tin) and call your trash company about getting a bin or bins.

As a mother myself, I have taught my children many things.  However, closing the door to the outside is not one of those that they have chosen to learn.  It pains me to walk and feel the nice air conditioned air turning warm due to an escape through a wide open door.  This lesson will be learned one day, we work on it often enough!

Well, one can dream…….

If everyone lives there, everyone should be willing to help out, big or small.  If we all incorporate these practices into daily life, we will reap the benefits of energy efficiency.  And the kids will also learn a little more about personal and family responsibility.  For more ways on how families can help out, go to

Happy conserving!

Our Guest Contributor, Stephanie Vaughn is available to assist you.  Get her contact info here.


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