Renting vs. Home-ownership

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Written By: Mike Laquerre

Renting vs. Home-ownership

Decision time! Do you continue renting or do you purchase a new home? It’s no big secret that renting has its disadvantages. I mean, who wants to live with someone else toenail clippings, right? So why do people still consider leasing an option? There are all sorts of reasons why people do, but here are a few things to ponder if you are one of those weighing your options:

  • Rental Pricing: Rents tend to climb each and every time the lease expires. As a homeowner, you are locked into a low fixed rate that never changes, especially if interest rates head north.
  • Financing: Getting into a new home can also prove less stressful when it comes to financing. In some cases, a home buyer can secure a zero down payment. Not true when renting. In most scenarios, landlords will require first and last month’s rent, along with additional deposits that a tenant rarely gets back.
  • Closing Costs: One of the other great things about purchasing a new home is that Adams Homes contributes toward buyers’ closing costs when utilizing one of our preferred lenders. This will save a homeowner thousands.
  • Equity: As a homeowner you will build equity. Not so as a renter. You will be paying an exorbitant amount for rent, which only builds equity for the landlord. Now who’s laughing their way to the bank?
  • Changes: Over time you will want to change colors, plant new flowers. This is easy with a home you own, but much more difficult when you rent. It’s hard to invest in something you don’t have a stake in.
  • Warranties: When you invest in a new home from Adams Homes, you will have peace-of-mind that everything is new and that there are warrant-able items to support the homeowner after they have purchased, something you would not receive with a used home. It’s no fun having to replace a roof or an air-conditioning system soon after moving in. These items prove quite costly.
  • Tax Benefits: As a homeowner, you can take full advantage of tax deductions that have been put in place strictly for homeowners. As a renter, you have no tax benefits at all. But your landlord does.
  • Bottom Line: Home-ownership is worth it.

With the rising rental market, it only makes sense to look at a new home. The gains certainly outweigh the alternative.

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