6 Reasons Warranty Coverage is Important for Your New Home

A home service contract or home warranty covers replacement and repair expenses for appliances and indoor systems. Though it’s an additional expense, it is beneficial in the long term.

If you have found the perfect house after clearing all the hoops but haven’t bought a home warranty yet, here we give you six reasons why you must.

Saves money on home repairs

Repair or replacement is always expensive. Regular maintenance is necessary, but it cannot keep appliances working forever. Furniture, artwork, appliances, plumbing, and other household fittings suffer wear out over time and require repairs, which can cost you several hundred dollars.

A home warranty can be of immense help here. It can protect you from unforeseen repair and replacement costs. You can get one that covers your appliances, plumbing, furniture, and electrical items like cell phones and laptops. 

Gives comprehensive coverage

Home warranties may not pay for replacing your windows, doors, floor, or roof. But they provide coverage for principal components such as plumbing, electrical appliances, air conditioning systems, and water heaters. 

Has limited waiting period

You can buy additional coverage with a waiting period of only 15 to 30 days. Some companies do not have a waiting period at all. Insured homeowners can sign up, pay the premium, and begin requesting services. However, check the validity for older appliances as it may vary among insurers. 

Provides affordable coverage

A plumbing, air conditioning, or electrical appliance technician will charge a fee to inspect. Apart from that, you will also have to bear the repair or replacement cost. Meanwhile, a home warranty offers comprehensive coverage, including everything from the inspection fee to the repair cost. 

Unlike popular belief, home warranties are not expensive. Annual premiums range between $350 to $700 depending on the plan type, term, deductibles, house age, and house type. However, a flat $50 to $100 is charged per service request. 

Saves time and effort

Both DIY home repairs and searching for reliable service providers in your locality are time-consuming tasks. You will have to shop for broken parts and invest time in finding the right maintenance specialist. 

Meanwhile, a home warranty will save you all the hard work. It takes care of everything, from finding licensed and verified technicians in your area to sourcing affordable and durable parts. 

Protects against poor workmanship

If your home builder has cut corners during construction, a home warranty will protect you against:

  • Labor and materials for one year
  • Plumbing, electrical, heating, or air conditioning defects for two years 
  • Structural defects for 10 or 20 years

Adams Homes provides a 10-year warranty for structural defects and a 2-year warranty for material, electrical, workmanship, and plumbing defects. 

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