Quiz: Which Design Style Fits?

Shabby Chic? Traditional? Ecletic? Which Design Style Fits you?

Which Design Style FitsHave you ever wondered what design style fits your personality best? Take this fun quiz to find out! Are you a traditionalist at heart, loving sturdy and richly colored furniture? Do you love a feminine mix of soft fabrics and vintage pieces? Once you know the direction your design heart is steering you, you’ll be able to pull together a more cohesive look for your whole home!

Ready to take the design style quiz? This will help you define your tastes and take your home decor to the next level.

1. I enjoy colors that are:

(a) solid and bold, such as orange or red,
(b) softer and muted,
(c) richly hued shades, such as burgundy or gold.

2. When it comes to decorating I think:

Decorating Style(a) less is more,
(b) more is cozy,
(c) formal is more.

3. When I conjure up thoughts of my dream house, it most resembles:

(a) an urban loft overlooking the New York skyline,
(b) a quaint country cottage with a charming garden,
(c) a beautiful manor with precisely manicured lawn.

4. My favorite furniture pieces are:

Favorite Furniture Pieces(a) clean-lined and simple,
(b) distressed,
(c) solid wood with a history.

5. I want to paint my walls:

(a) white, but with a boldly colored accent wall,
(b) cream or offwhite,
(c) beige, taupe, or other earthy warm tones.

If you answered mostly A’s, then you will most likely enjoy contemporary and Swedish design. You’re not afraid of color, but you like clean lines and order in your rooms. There’s no clutter for you! You like lots of open space. For inexpensive furniture pieces, consider shopping at IKEA.

Shabby Chic DesignIf you answered mostly b’s you have a shabby chic mentality. Designer Rachel Ashwell began this movement over a decade ago with her salvaged and restored furniture pieces and lovely vintage prints. You can find her line of bedding and other accessories at Target.

If you answered mostly c’s then you are a true traditionalist. You love richly colored fabrics in silk and brocade. You love the formality of the design style.

If you had a mix of a, b, and c, be sure to check out more information on eclectic styling. This design group takes inspiration from all groups to form a cohesive, and very individual, look.

Written by Carla Hill

Carla Hill, M.A., works on the Realty Times staff as Managing Editor for our online publication. She also is Producer for the real estate news channel, seen daily on RealtyTimes.com and on video newsletters nationwide. She currently works out of the Realty Times corporate office and studio in Dallas, TX.

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