Preparing to Move: 5 Tactics to getting your home in Excellent Selling Condition

altBy: Hannah Davis

Are you preparing to list your home on the market? Well here are 5 of my favorite and what I feel are the most important tactics to getting your home in excellent selling condition, which can give your home the potential to sell quickly and hopefully at top dollar.

  1. De-Clutter/Organize: The best advice I can give you for getting your home in excellent selling condition is to de-clutter and organize your home. This tip in my opinion will make the biggest impact when it comes to preparing your home to list it on the market.
  2. De-Personalize/Appeal to everyone: When listing your home you’re trying to appeal to a wide variety of people. The best tip I can give you is to de-personalize your home, start by taking down most all personal pictures and items. That way, when a potential home buyer walks into the home they can picture themselves living in the home as though it will be there’s. The less personal pictures and items the home has in it the wider range of buyers the home will appeal to. The wider range of buyers your home appeals to the better chance your home has to sell quickly and potentially at top dollar.
  3. Update the Retro: Updating those outdated light fixtures, door knobs, cabinet handles, tile and wallpaper can make a big impact when trying to appeal to prospective buyers. Even the minor update can go along away in getting your home in excellent selling condition.
  4. Tone down those Bright and Bold Paint Colors: Bright and bold paint colors may appeal to the homeowner, but when trying to appeal to wide range of prospective home buyers tone down the bright/bold paint colors. This will help your home appeal to a broader range of prospective buyers.
  5. Tame and Play up your Curb Appeal: Your homes curb appeal is the first thing a home buyer sees. That’s why it’s important to tame your yard and play up your curb appeal. A great curb appeal helps set an excellent mind-set for the potential home buyers who are about to tour your home. It’s always great to start a home tour off on a good note, so with that in mind remember when getting your home in excellent selling condition start by taming your yard and playing up your curb appeal.

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