Planning a Halloween Block Party

altBlock parties are a great way to get to know your neighbors while building a since of community. You can throw a block party for just about any occasion: maybe a back-to-school block party, a block party to celebrate the start of summer or a holiday-themed block party.  Independence Day is a really fun one so everyone can enjoy fireworks.  Halloween is another holiday that would be perfect for a block party.

You don’t have to have a reason to have a block party, sometimes the best ones are for no specific reason, just simply for fun.

Halloween is just around the corner so to get in the Halloween spirit, why not throw a themed block party. Start by recruiting help from your neighbors. You can even get together a planning committee. The whole point of a block party is to interact with your neighbors and to build friendships.  Block party planning is a team effort. Talk to your neighbors and recruit volunteers.

Now let’s get to the fun part, the party planning. Discuss with your neighbors if you want to do a themed Halloween block party or go traditional. Once you have determined a theme create your Halloween Block Party flyers or invites around your chosen theme. Then determine what type of food will be available and what type of activities you should have. But remember the whole point of a Halloween block party is to have FUN! So if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and don’t know where to start here are some great party ideas.

Halloween Block Party Costume Themes:

  • Have fun & get creative by going with a homemade costume theme.
  • Try a food theme costume theme.
  • Go with a monster costume theme.
  • Hollywood costume themes are always a fun choose.
  • Get in touch with your wild side and choose an animal costume theme.
  • Go back in time and choose your favorite decade as a costume party theme
  • Opt for an old school superhero costume theme
  • Or try out an Alice in Wonderland theme.

Party Food: My best suggestion here is to have everyone bring a dish or treat. Don’t throw all the food preparation on one person, make this a group effort. Have fun with it and get creative with the food options. At the end of the night you can even have everyone vote on their favorite creative dish or treat.

Here are some great Halloween food ideas:


Activities:  At a loss for activity ideas?  Here are some top picks for Halloween block party contest, games, and fun.

  • Pumpkin decorating or craving contest
  • Costume Contest
  • Best Decorated Home Contest
  • A cupcake walk
  • Halloween scavenger hunt
  • Haunted Maze
  • Music and Dancing
  • Face painting
  • Have a magic show
  • Watch a Halloween movie projected onto a garage

Those are just some of my top ideas for throwing your very own Halloween block party. The options are endless so why not have fun this Halloween and get to know your neighbors in the process by throwing a neighborhood party.

What are some of your block party tips and advice?

What was the best block party you’re been to or helped plan?

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