Perfect your painting skills with these easy tips


Thinking of grabbing a bucket and some paint? A fresh coat of paint is the most inexpensive way 

to "remodel" a room.  Whether you are looking to paint an accent wall, a kid’s room or maybe a nursery, with some planning and preparation your walls can be transformed into a work of art for years to come.  

Is it your first time behind the brush? Don't worry, even first-time painters can achieve professional-quality results by following these tips.

We asked our friends at Sherwin Williams for some homeowner painting tips and they had lots of resources to offer.  This article covers how to choose the right paint, in the right place, the right finish and how much paint to buy. 

Choosing the right paint:

The type of paint you'll use depends on how the room to be painted will be used and the type of finish you want. Interior paint is specifically formulated to provide:

·         Scrubbability and stain resistance

·         Good hiding ability

·         Good coverage

·         Spatter resistance

·         Easy touch-up


Latex or Oil?

Interior house paints are either latex- or oil/alkyd-based. Today, most oil-based paints are made with synthetic resins (alkyds), which perform better than paints based on natural oils. Each has different characteristics and uses.

Latex – Get the longest-lasting finish with the best gloss retention. Latex paints are easy to work with, dry quickly and are extremely durable. Latex paints clean up easily with soap and water.

Oil / Alkyd – Good adhesion, excellent durability and stain resistance make Oil/alkyd-based paints excellent choices for trim in high-traffic rooms, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Clean paint tools with mineral spirits.

Choosing the right paint for the surface will help ensure that you achieve a quality paint job that will last.

Ceilings – Use specially formulated flat ceiling paint. The flat finish hides irregularities and lap marks. Ceiling paint rolls on with minimal spatter and won't yellow over time.

Woodwork – Use either latex or oil/alkyd paint. Always be sure to prime bare wood. Easy-to-clean semi-gloss finishes are first choice, but when wear-and-tear is modest, flat or satin finishes are fine selections.

Walls – Because it's easy to work with, latex paint is an excellent choice for do-it-yourself projects. Latex paints can be applied over properly primed drywall, wood or masonry.

Metal – Use either latex or oil/alkyd paint on properly primed iron or steel. You can apply latex directly on aluminum and galvanized metal. However, these metals need to be properly primed if you're using oil/alkyd-based paint.

Masonry – For cement, concrete block and brick surfaces, acrylic latex wall paint designed for masonry surfaces is an excellent choice.

Floors – Use a product specifically designed for floor to stand up to abrasion, traffic and heavy scrubbing.

Choosing the right finish:

From flat to gloss, both latex and oil/alkyd paints offer a full range of finishes. The sheen you choose is based on the final look and wearability you want to achieve.

Flat – Its matte appearance softens a room and helps hide surface blemishes, making walls look smooth. This finish, which cleans easily with a damp sponge, is ideal for:

·         Adult bedrooms

·         Dining rooms

·         Formal living rooms

·         Ceilings

Satin – With its slight gloss, this finish offers the benefits of a flat finish with added cleanability. It works best for high-traffic areas such as:

·         Halls

·         Woodwork

·         Children's bedrooms

·         Family rooms

Semi-Gloss – This lustrous, durable finish is perfect for areas that get cleaned frequently, such as:

·         Kitchens

·         Bathrooms

·         Utility area

·         Closet doors

·         Trim

Gloss – This extremely hard and shiny finish provides a rich, smooth luster and is excellent for:

·         Wood trim

·         Cabinets

·         Doors

·         Furniture

Flat Enamel- A nonreflective appearance that helps conceal surface imperfections while providing some washability.

Matte- This flat finish is great for hiding surface imperfections, while its angular shine helps make walls smooth and washable

Eg-Shel- Great to use for walls, eg-shel finish has a slight hint of shine and holds up better to cleaning.

Low-Lusture- A smooth, subtle sheen that's durable and easy to clean.

Medium-Lustre- This higher-gloss finish is perfect for doors and trim.

How much to buy:

Now that you’ve chosen your room, paint type and finish, how much paint should you buy?  The answer is on the paint container.  First, take a tape measure and add up the wall or floor space you want to cover. Measure the height and multiply by the width. This gives you the square footage of the space you want to cover.  If you are doing just one wall, measure just that space. 

Doing two or more walls? Be sure to get the square footage of each wall and add them together.  That is the total square feet of coverage you will need paint for.  If you have large windows or doors, you can subtract those.

The paint container will tell you the coverage area and you can determine how much paint you will need to buy.  This video shows you how to calculate. 



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