Painting Your House: 6 Frequently Asked Questions

When you move into a new property, house painting is one of the first tasks that require your attention. Although you may be tempted to give it a go yourself, it is always worthwhile to hire the services of a professional painter. Your choice of the service provider would depend on the project scale, expected timeframe, and whether it’s the house’s exterior or interior that you want to be painted. 

Here we address the six most common questions that we encounter about painting houses. 

How will you protect my furniture against damage?

We’re extremely mindful of your furniture when painting your house. We move the large pieces to the room’s center and cover them with a fresh piece of cloth. When we move the furniture out of the room temporarily, we put it to its original position after completing the painting job.

Can I live here while you’re working?

Homeowners can usually stay in their home while the painters are doing their job. It may change, however, depending on the project’s nature and duration. Areas such as the kitchen or bathrooms usually remain out of use when being painted. Our aim, however, is to cause the least amount of disruption while finishing the job.

Do you have a solution for cracking and sagging walls?

The walls of old houses crack as they have plaster either on top of a wire lath or a thin layer of paper. However, we use sheetrock material, which doesn’t break, unless subjected to extraordinary force.

Can you make my wood look better?

Yes. We reinforce the wood by sanding down the existing paint layer to eliminate any worn-out material. We then use a wood filler to repair the damaged sections and smoothen it until it blends with the surrounding area. 

How do you choose colors?

The following tips will help you develop a theme that best suits your needs, sensibilities, aesthetic sense, and budget.

  1. Try to color-coordinate with the existing elements in the room. 
  2. Consider the room’s size; darker colors make spaces look smaller.
  3. Adapt the colors to suit the room’s prominent light source.
  4. Make sure the color scheme is appropriate to the room’s utility.

How much will it cost?

The project’s cost varies on several factors determining the nature and scope of work. Surface conditions, desired color scheme, and choice of materials have a significant bearing on the expense. 

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