New Construction in Pensacola Offers a Variety of Incentives

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Whether you’re looking to downsize, relocate, or purchase your first home, you’ve likely seen that the housing marketing isn’t easy, it’s competitive; tough. Spending months searching for a home, combing through listings, and visiting open houses is an exhausting process. Even with simple demands like space to put your clothes and a yard for your dog to run in, homes that fit the bill may be few and far between. If you’re lucky enough to find a home that’s updated, affordable, and in a great community, it’s usually overpriced and likely won’t last long enough to schedule a viewing. With our current population growth, the average days for a home to be on the market in the Pensacola area is at a low for the year, and the trend is only going to continue.

Before you’re ready to accept defeat, know there’s another option to consider; new construction. This may be an opportunity you dismissed as out of reach in our area, but, it’s more in your grasp than you thought.  Local homebuilders are changing the housing market and introducing a new generation to homeownership. Where older homes may have hidden issues, lower energy-efficiency, and come “as-is”, new construction homes are built to current code with reputable homebuilders going above and beyond with a focus on quality.

The general assumption is that an older home is going to be less expensive to purchase than a new home and this isn’t always the case. When adding in the benefits of up-to-date features and the desirability of new construction, the value for new homes continues to rise. New homes are more efficient, easier to maintain, and offer modern layouts. Also, a reputable homebuilder will work with approved lenders to ensure your finances are set to make the purchase. This variety of lenders ensures that you as the customer are best-served in your particular financial situation. From having perfect credit to having a less than amazing score, each customer’s situation is analyzed and considered. Lenders will work diligently to help you propel your dream of homeownership forward. Using a builder’s preapproved lenders will even reduce or eliminate closing costs in the majority of situations, creating further value for the customer.

An older home can be inspected with deficiencies noted before a sale, however, there still may be unseen issues that could cause damage to your home. With a used home you never know how the previous owners maintained everything. Worse yet, homes “flipped” by inexperienced and unlicensed crews may attempt to cleverly hide defects and issues in craftsmanship A newly constructed home offers the peace of mind that the home was built to current code with quality materials, and a great homebuilder will even go a step further. New home warranties are included with any reputable builder, often covering various facets of the home up to 10 or more years. Just as any good company stands behind the product they sell, your home purchase should be no different.

To an out-of-towner, saying you live in Pensacola may elicit a generic view of a beach town. Locals know that our great city and surrounding areas is so much more. This region is made up of many small communities, each with its own charm and culture. You can always spot a local when you tell them you live in Pensacola, and the first question they ask is “what part?” because they know how diverse this area truly is. Coastal or country, city or suburban, newly constructed communities are developing in these areas with a greater focus on your quality of life. With a new home downtown, you may ride your bike to Palafox or Maritime Park. If you prefer a more suburban neighborhood, your new home may be a short drive to the boat ramp and a day on the water. In either case, a new home is built to fit your lifestyle and desires in a community.

Whether you’re actively searching for a home or haven’t quite decided to make the investment, a look into local homebuilders may open your eyes to another option, a better option. From the peace of mind to the sense of community, new developments in the Pensacola area are perfect for buyers of all types. Visit or call a local model home for more information and to learn about current incentives with your new-home purchase.

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