Making the difference is what makes us better

Making the difference is what makes us better

By: Ben Wallace

People will often ask me how Adams Homes is able to produce a quality home at such an affordable price.  I have even been asked before where Adams Homes cuts corners to be able to sell as aggressive as we do. Not only do we not cut corners but the quality measures we implement prevent many of the concerns I am so often asked.

Today I want to talk about one of the policies that makes Adams Homes a quality builder.

While we have many policies and procedures, one of the most scrutinized and rightly so, is the placement of concrete; more particularly the placement of the foundation and the priorities placed on the Superintendent.

Adams Homes Policy

Policy: The Superintendent will be present on all concrete pours.

This may come as a surprise to many home buyers, but many builders do not require their Superintendents to be present at the time of a concrete pour. The responsibility placed on the Adams Homes’ Superintendent is to coordinate the slab contractor, ready mix plant, and maximize the effectiveness of each.

Too many trucks on the job site reduces profitability of the batch plant as they could have trucks servicing other jobs rather than sitting idle at the build site. Trucks spending too much time on the job also increases the opportunity of letting the concrete mix get hot which decreases quality and strength.

Another important job of the Adams Homes Superintendent is to insure the concrete is delivered at the proper slump. Only the Adams Homes’ Superintendent can approve for the driver to add additional water to the mix, which in turn adds to the strength and quality.  Adding additional water at 1 gallon per-yard of concrete will reduce the strength and increase the slump for the benefit of making the job easier to place. If the mix is too stiff the concrete will not finish properly and may not even slide down the flume of the truck.

The Adams Homes Difference

So what makes Adams Homes better?

Many builders do not supervise their concrete pours as stringently as Adams Homes Superintendents.  With our Superintendents supervising, Adams Homes and not the sub-contractor, controls the amount of water, delivery truck timing, and efficiency on the job site.  Also, other builders, in an effort to control cost and make budgets easier, will hire concrete as a turnkey vendor. This means that the contractor gives the builder a price all-inclusive of labor and material. The problem with this method is that the less material used on the job results in more money the contractor makes.  Placing ease of the job and concerns of the contractor above the customer and quality.

So who is cutting corners and misplacing priorities?

I am not going to get into a lot of the trade secrets that Adams Homes requires of our Superintendent but as a customer you need to know this. If your builder does not care enough to have your foundation supervised what could be more important than that?

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