Makeover the Laundry Room — Top 5 Tips


TV shows for room makeovers are plentiful, but I can't say that I've seen one for the laundry room. With apologies to Rodney Dangerfield, laundry rooms "get no respect” in their priority on homeowners' fix-it lists.

According to, American families average 400 loads of laundry per year. Given the amount of time spent around the laundry room, homeowners should consider giving it a second look when it comes to a new coat of paint and improved storage opportunities. Here are the top five tips for cleaning up the laundry room:

Perk Up with Paint and Art

Colorful paint and a bit of wall art can jazz up even the dingiest washroom. You can eliminate the all-white “padded room” feeling by painting the walls, hanging abstract art and adding colorful, functional objects.



Use Space Efficiently

If you have a narrow yet tall laundry room, consider purchasing a stackable, front-loading washer/dryer set. This will free up other space for counters, cubbies, closets and hanging racks. If your ceiling is a standard height of 8 feet or 9 feet, consider switching to two front-loading machines. shows ways to slide them under self-supporting counters that don’t rest on the machines. If front-loading doors are hinged on opposite sides, it allows for wide opening and easy access for moving wet laundry to the dryer.

If you have multiple laundry baskets, move any unnecessary items from the laundry room and store them in the basement, attic or self storage units.

Put Useful Items On Display

Use wall space to put up mounted cabinets or open air shelves to hold laundry detergents, sponges, cloths and more. If you use open shelves, consider covering them with attractive blinds for a unique and elegant look. Or, display items in a way that accents their look and function. Instead of keeping a brand name detergent in its original box or bottle, pour it into a decorative glass jar. Store next to other glass jars that hold brushes, stain remover pens and other laundry necessities.

Brighten with Better Lighting

Good lighting makes a room feel more cheerful, but not all 100-watt bulbs are equal in brightness. The EPA suggests considering a bulb's lumens — a light's measure of brightness — rather than relying on wattage. Online experts note that improving lighting is one of the first steps in making a laundry room more attractive, according to the Chicago Tribune. Try replacing ugly fixtures and adding a counter light for a touch of warmth.

Increase Storage and Hanger Space

If there's a space between the washer and dryer, purchase a slim, roll out organizer in which laundry detergent and other cleaning materials can be stored. If wall space is available above the washer and dryer, add wire shelving for storage and hang bars for drying clothing or keeping them from wrinkling before ironing.


What are your tips for having a pretty and organized laundry room?  To read more of our tips on home improvemnet, click here.

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