Letting go during a move

Letting Go During a Move


by Carla Hill

Have you decided to make the leap in today’s buyers market? Whether you are downsizing or moving into your dream home it’s time to let go.

We hold onto a lot of baggage over the course of a lifetime. Some of this is emotional while much of it is in the physical realm. We become attached to things, both valuable and not. Moving is the perfect occasion to clean house.


Moving can be a time to literally let go of physical belongings. We are a pack rat nation! We love to hold on to every gift, knick-knack, souvenir, and pair of too small pants. What about all those things to which you’re sentimentally attached? Should you keep them?

First, let’s talk about some things. Holding on to belongings can not only stiffen your new space, but also keep you living in the past. Living in the past can make letting go and moving forward an incredibly difficult task. Instead of fully embracing a new life, you are pining away for the old. This becomes increasingly hard for those letting go of things that once belonged to loved ones who are no longer with us.

It’s important to use moving as a time to pare down on stuff. Give yourself time to go through each room and find items that can be sold (garage sales, Craigslist, eBay, etc) or donated.


Start the process of letting go by coming to terms with the fact that items don’t house the memories. Your mind and heart hold memories and those go with you everywhere.

Was the item a gift or an heirloom? The gifter, if they really care, would want your new home to be beautiful, not cluttered. Heirlooms should be kept only if they hold a very special place in your heart and if you have room in your new space. If you don’t, then it’s time to give the items to another family member or sell them to someone who will truly appreciate them.

Moving can also be an incredibly emotional time. There’s a reason moving makes the top 10 list for most stressful life events. Apart from orchestrating the timing of movers, painters, and renovations and the financial responsibility of homeownership, moving can mean letting go of a home where so many memories have been created.

Letting go of emotional baggage is no small order. Familiarity is comfortable and safe. So, stepping outside that comfort zone takes courage and resolve.

Make the commitment to yourself that today is a new day. No time exists except the right now. Don’t allow yourself to become bogged down in the past or in what could’ve been.

A simple way to embrace your new home is to write in a gratitude journal each day. This is helpful no matter if you’re moving up to your dream home or have lost a home to foreclosure and are now needing to move away from the familiar. Take a moment each day to write down a few things that you are thankful for in your life today. This could be anything from a funny moment shared with your family to good health or a beautiful blue sky.

Moving can be an exciting time. By letting go of your extra baggage you’ll free yourself up to enjoy every moment of your new life.

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