January is “Closet Organization” month

Get organized for stress free mornings!alt

By: Stephanie Vaughn

A great way to start a new year is by celebrating Closet Organization Month in January!  Closetmaid offers great ventilated shelving and Master Suite custom shelving for all your organizational needs.  Before you go about measuring and installing, a good way to really find out what you need is by taking everything out of the closet.  This can be an overwhelming project, so here are a few tips:

Get Started!

  • Take it all out
  • Make a “For Sale” pile
  • Make a donation pile
  • Make a throw away pile
  • Organize by what is used most often, it needs to be in an easy reach spaces
  • Ask friends to help, you may need advice on the discards!

Clean up and cash in. Remember, there’s an upside to downsizing the clutter: more cash potential. Before you donate or discard, consider putting your gently used items up for sale on e-bay, in a yard sale or at a consignment shop.

Eliminate distractions. Set aside a block of time during which you turn off the phone, the TV and any other attention-grabbers that easily steer you away from your task. By eliminating distractions, you help remove the barriers that can often keep you from taking action.

Once your space is clear, and your things are itemized in a basic way, go to Closetmaid.com and look at the options. 

altYou don’t need big bucks to start small. If your budget is tight, consider starting small and add on over time as your budget allows. ClosetMaid wire shelving systems are economical, adjustable and built to expand and reconfigure, so you can enjoy a more efficiently organized space now and continue to add more accessories later.

For a function only closet, there are several shelving components and styles to choose from with the classic white, ventilated shelving.  Adding a stack of shelves in a master bedroom closet can answer all your shoe storage questions.  Also, a few extra small shelves or baskets in your pantry can help with the small items. 

Check out the Master Suites line: it is a melamine product that comes in several colors to match your existingalt furniture.  Options such as drawers, shelves, cubbies, and doors can be arranged for your closet.  This is a great addition for any homeowner looking to make their bedroom space more attractive. 

American Residential Products is a preferred Closetmaid installer in the state of Florida.  Please ask us for a free estimate!  Happy Organizing!

Our Guest Contributor, Stephanie Vaughn is available to assist you.  Get her contact info here.

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