Is Your Emergency Kit Ready for a Severe Weather Out Break?

Severe Weather Emergency Kit Checklist


Its severe weather season, are you prepared? If not, here is a severe weather emergency kit checklist so you’re prepared if severe weather hits your area.

The essentials that everyone needs for their severe weather emergency kit is:

  1. Battery-operated radio
  2. Extra Batteries
  3. Flashlight
  4. Water (3 gallons per-person)
  5. Food (3 day supply of non-perishable items)
  6. First Aid Kit
  7. Non-Prescription Drugs
  8. Food for Pets
  9. Leash, harness or carrier for Pets
  10. Important Family Documents
  11. Family Medical Needs
  12. Whistle
  13. Crowbar
  14. Pliers, Screwdriver and Hammer
  15. Non-electric can opener
  16. Utility Knife
  17. Paper Cups, Plates and plastic Utensils
  18. Shut-Off Wrench, to turn off household gas and water
  19. Work Gloves
  20. Cash
  21. Water Purification Tablets

Those are just some essential items to have in your safe room or in a severe weather emergency kit located in a safe area.  You do not want to get caught off guard by a severe weather outbreak, so try to be one step ahead of the game with your severe weather emergency kit.

In most cases with tornadoes there can be little to no warning. Which leaves us little to no time to get to a safe location or to be prepared enough to know how to react. That is why it is so important to prepare ahead of time and to come up with a plan of action, but as we all know, in some cases such as the Oklahoma severe weather tragedy, all the planning and preparing can be no match for mother nature and will not always prevent tragedy’s like the one in Oklahoma from happening.


Adams Homes is deeply saddened by the Oklahoma severe weather tragedy.  We extend our caring thoughts, love and prayers to the victims and their families.

What are your thoughts about our severe weather emergency kit checklist?

Is there anything you would like to add to our list?

We love to hear your feedback!

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