How to Plan a Staycation

Written By:  Jenny Walton

Baby, it’s cold outside! Do the winter blues have the best of you? If you answered, “Yes,” there is a surefire cure for this awful illness.

Seriously, I know these things. I’m a doctor. Okay, surprise, surprise. I’m no doctor; however, I guarantee that taking a staycation will heal your ailments. Here are some great staycation ideas:

  1. Explore your city. Put on your tourist face, and go to the local art museum, or that new restaurant you haven’t yet tried, take a cooking class, (or whatever tickles your fancy), go to a local sporting event, whatever it may be. Do the things that you are always too busy to do. Fall in love with your hometown all over again.
  2. Turn off your cell phone and have a, “Pajamas and Pancakes” party with the kids. Spend the whole day inside with the fire going, and snuggle up to their favorite movies. Play games together, have a dance party, paint each others’ faces, and act silly. Make memories, leave the dishes in the sink, the laundry in the bin, and return your calls tomorrow. I promise the chores and voicemails will be there for you in the morning.
  3. Make like a bear and hibernate! Take a trip to the grocery store and stock up on some uber fancy coffee. Grab a DVD or a book you’ve been dying to read. Spend the day under the covers, and order in.   There’s nothing like room service right in your own home. The bears have it figured out. Lay around, eat bon-bons, and channel your inner bear. Rawr!

Keep calm and staycation on.

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