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Top 10 Home Cleaning Supplies


Written by: Carla Hill

A clean home shows better, sells better, and feels better. How do you know which product works best, though? There are hundreds of products on the market, all claiming to be the winning solution.

Having a clean house is not only healthy, it can help you sell when the times comes. Buyers have a tendency to zero in on grime instead of seeing your home for what it really is — a great house with lots of potential. Don’t let a dirty house hold you back from making the sale!

Realty Times’ cleaning maven has swept together her list of favorite supplies that scrub, dissolve, and sparkle. No more guesswork! Here’s the top 10 cleaning supplies you need in your home.


The Top 10

1. Green Works All Purpose Cleaner: It says “all purpose” and it means it. This product is great for counter clean-up. It even cleans stainless steel without leaving behind streaks! You can also use it on sinks, mirrors, furniture, or grubby cabinets. Our cleaning maven loves this product in the tangerine formula, which leaves a mild citrus scent behind. Plus, according to it’s manufacturer, “It’s dermatologist-tested and at least 97% naturally derived, so you can rest easy knowing that it won’t leave behind harsh chemical fumes or residue.”

2. Clorox Disinfecting Wipes: Don’t let the name fool you. These wipes are bleach-free, but they are still tough on germs and dirt. While these are great for a quick clean up in “aisle baby mess”, they also are the secret weapon for cleaning showers and tubs. A single sheet can clean nearly the whole tub! The ingredients of the Clorox wipes eats through soap scum and buildup. If you have a particularly hard job, try applying and rinsing Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner first to loosen scum and then use the Clorox wipes. These great wipes have hundreds of uses, like wiping dirt off baseboards! Just check out what Clorox recommends here.

3. Bleach Spray: Our maven doesn’t advocate the overuse of bleach. It’s harmful to the environment and too much of it ends up back down our drains, but there is a time and place for bleach. Toilets are breeding grounds for dangerous diseases that live in our insides. If you have children or pets, be sure to keep your bathroom disinfected the old-fashioned way. Bleach and bleach products clean tough bacteria in the bowl, but what about the rest of the throne? Pull on a pair of latex gloves (see #4) and use a paper towel and bleach spray to clean the toilet from top to bottom.

4. Latex Gloves: Bleach and other cleaning products can be tough on your hands. A simple box of disposable latex gloves can be found in any cleaning aisle. Wear a pair and trash them after each use. Protect your hands!

5. Scrubbing Bubbles Foaming Cleaner: We know it says “bathroom cleaner,” which it is great at, but using spray foam Scrubbing Bubbles on kitchen sinks is a godsend. Let is sit for 1 minute to disinfect and then wipe clean with paper towels or a clean kitchen rag. It works great on stainless steel or cast iron sinks!

6. Glade Candles: Now that you have your rooms looking clean, it’s time to have them smelling clean. Our cleaning maven has found that Glade candles are the best burn for the buck. There are a variety of scents, such a “Clean Linen”, which is great for bathrooms during house showings. They burn for up to 22 hours and are typically less than $3.00 a candle.

7. 3M Scotch Fur Fighter: You’ve tried to vacuum. You’ve tried a lint brush. Nothing works! Have no fear, a solution is here. Scotch has come out with an ingenious product that removes pet hair from car upholstery, bedding, furniture, you name it! Scotch says, “The Scotch Fur Fighter Pet Hair Remover for Upholstery is the fast, easy way to remove EMBEDDED pet hair and dander from your couches, sofas, chairs, pillows and more – for a fur-free home.”

8. Clorox 2: Do you have washable throws, pillows, or rugs that smell a little doggy? Or perhaps they’ve fallen victim to some other household stain. Clorox 2 is a great way to use the cleaning power of bleach on colors.

9. Libman Freedom Spray Mop: This mop has a detachable 18 ounce bottle that you can fill with the cleaning solution of your choice. Do you have laminate floors? Mix 1 part vinegar with 6 parts water and you’ll have a streak-free clean! The mop also comes with a scratch-free, removable deep cleaning pad that can be washed up to 50 times. We recommend buying 1 or 2 replacement pads so you always have a clean one handy.

10. Hand Vacuum: This is a “handy” way to vacuum up small spills and messes without having to lug around a full-size vacuum.

You may already have your own favorite cleanings supplies and that’s okay! Finding products that work for you is what is important.


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