House cleaning tip – Secret to a clean shower



With spring’s arrival come the sounds of birds chirping, the sun’s rays warming us longer, and beauty of flowers in bloom.  

Spring also means….time for spring cleaning!

It can be a dirty job but with a few tips and tricks it can be quick and easy.



Spring cleaning the good, down deep, scrub it or throw it away kind of cleaning that can only happen once a year.  All of the household items we maintain with daily or weekly upkeep at this time get a real overhaul. 

Remember how beautiful the glass in the bathroom was when you first went to out the models at an Adams Homes neighborhood?  The shower enclosure with its clear glass panels and or door can be easily kept up daily with spray on shower cleaner or with a few swipes of the squeegee.  I recommend doing a combo: spray and then using the squeegee to wipe off the spray.  There are many who simply wash it every week with cleanser.   Some simply give up and let it fog up with water and soap. 

hard-water-stains-in-showerNo matter what you do, over time, the sediment of water and the soap that splashes onto the glass will leave foggy traces that leave your shower door looking a bit murky.  A great spring cleaning tip for these doors and panels is lemon oil.  A little lemon oil on your rag and a lot of elbow grease and your glass is shiny and as clear as the day you moved into your new Adams’ Home! 

Lemon oil is sold at most grocery stores and anywhere household items are found.  It also makes your wood furniture shine like new and smell great.  Lemon oil is also an environmentally friendly product as it is made with natural ingredients. 

We'd love to hear your favorite spring cleaning household tips. We invite you to share your comments below.

Happy Spring Cleaning!


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