House cleaning tip – Clean baseboards with dryer sheets

House cleaning made simple cleaning-baseboards-with-dryer-sheets

Written by: Elizabeth Porter

I am always on the look-out for good house cleaning tips.  My schedule is hectic so most of my house cleaning takes place on Sunday.  During the week I keep up with dishes and some laundry but really take my time on Sunday to clean the house and start the week fresh.  There is something about fresh sheets and a clean house that really put me in a positive mood.

I recently joined Pinterest.  Pinterest is an online pinboard to organize and share the things you love.  I had a couple girlfriends recommend the site months ago and although I have only been online about a month, I am hooked. 

I have everything from organizing ideas and home décor inspiration to recipes and fashion on my boards.  Luckily, I have a few domesticated friends who recently pinned this cleaning idea of using fabric softener sheets to clean baseboards and I wanted to share with you.

The ingredients are simple; all you need is a box of fabric softener sheets.  If you have a “Swiffer” type mop, there are even more ways you can clean with the fabric softener sheets.

That said, grab your dryer sheets and get started.  Gently wipe the sheets along the baseboards.  In just a few minutes, your baseboards will be clean and dust free.  A dryer sheet on dust works well since it banishes static.  It also keeps your baseboards looking good tomorrow and throughout the week because it actually coats as it cleans for residual dust-fighting power.

This cleaning tip is also great for those homes with pets to help pick up pet hair.  When used on your baseboards it can not only help repel pet hair, but generally keep the things that get tracked in and out of our home off the walls and on the floor where it can be swept up.

altIf you have a Swiffer-type mop, just attach the dryer sheet to the bottom of the mop head and run it along as frequently as your house seems to require the chore.

So simple! If you have a friend looking to get back a few precious minutes in their day, forward this idea to them.  If you have ideas on more ways to use fabric softener sheets around the house or easy tips to clean the baseboards, I’d love to hear from you.  Contact me anytime.


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