Home Design Staging tips that Sell Homes Quick

Whether you live in a buyer’s or seller’s market, putting the necessary time, money, and effort into staging your home can help reduce the time your home spends on the market, justify your asking price, and helping ensure that your home’s selling price comes as close as possible to your asking price.

Selling Your House

Curb Appeal by Day

Sow grass seed or install sod to cover bare spots at least thirty days in advance of listing your home. Set your lawn mower at three inches, and mow the lawn as needed. Keep leaves raked in the fall, and keep the driveway and sidewalks cleared of snow in the winter. If tree branches are so low that a 6′ tall person cannot walk under them, remove them, and keep trees and shrubs pruned. Remove weeds from flowerbeds, and add fresh mulch to discourage regrowth. Therefore, check for weeds on a daily basis, and remove them.

Repair and edge sidewalks and walkways. Remove weeds from between the bricks or pavers, and make sure that each one is level and secure. Repair, resurface, and edge the driveway.

Rent a power washer to clean your driveway, sidewalks, patio, and the exterior of your home, or hire someone to do the power cleaning if you are unfamiliar with using one. Exterior paints for metal, wood, vinyl, and other surfaces inexpensively solve the problem of mismatched colors and chipped or cracked paint. Additionally, simply choose popular matching or coordinating neutral shades. Therefore, if you have siding or a brick or stucco home, check those surfaces for needed repairs.

Curb Appeal by Night

Add security lighting around the entrances to your home and garage. Lighting at low to mid-levels of brightness along the driveway, sidewalks and paths, the edges of decks, and on deck stairs disperse dark shadows and surround your home with a warm, welcoming glow.


Your Home Becomes a Stage Where the Buyer’s Imagination Acts

Pack away personal items that reflect your family and your personal tastes along with most of the rest of your decorative art and knickknacks. Display only a few pieces carefully chosen to both appeal to the widest possible range of buyers and to suggest an interactive tableau with wide appeal. Mix ambient, task, and accent lighting to allow 100 watts of lighting for every 50′ of space, and turn on lights during showings. Glass and metallics reflect light and look luxurious. Other accessories can add touches of trendy, popular colors. In addition for a spacious look, use only a minimal amount of furniture. Additionally, emphasize closet space by leaving 20 percent to 30 percent of the space in each closet open. Therefore, pack away kitchen items that you rarely use, and store the rest in your cupboards. You can pack up to 90 percent of your belongings and either move them to your new home or store them.

With more space to work, thoroughly deep clean your home and major appliances, or hire professionals to do it. Additionally, paint your walls in warm neutral beiges or browns, greige, or soft blues or greens. Refinish worn wood floors, or cover them with area rugs. Stain or paint worn kitchen cabinets and update the wood hardware.

There are many different ways of arranging living room, great room, and outdoor furniture in clusters. In large spaces, for example, arrange seating for a large group, intimate seating for two, and a table and chairs for eating, cards, or board games. Allow plenty of space for walking around individual pieces of furniture and between groupings. In bedrooms, suggest luxurious comfort with thick quilted spreads and mounds of pillows. In bathrooms, create a spa look with fluffy towels, baskets of wrapped soaps, and candles.

One final tip, displaying flowering plants, a professional flower arrangement, or cut flowers from your garden throughout your home may have a lingering positive effect on the mood of potential buyers. This could be the extra push to help potential buyers become committed buyers.

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  1. Curb appeal will definitely attract the potential buyers and give them a good first impression of your home. I agree that your house should look good during the day and also at night. Great tips by the way and thanks for sharing these ideas.

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