Home décor trends 2014

Written by: Hannah Davis

altWhat’s trending in 2014 for home décor may surprise you.  So what are this year’s trends?  NEUTRALS!

Gaining strength this year, neutrals are where it’s at.  Neutrals are popular when purchasing big ticket items such as furniture, flooring, and building materials.  Their continued rise in popularity is not surprising.  Neutrals make an excellent foundation when decorating, not to mention they also help those bold accents pieces POP! 

Popular neutral colors for 2014 are shades of camel, caramel, cinnamon, mocha, tan, and taupe.  Hues of gray are expected to overtake the neutral category and steadily continue to grow in popularity.  Hot shades of gray in 2014 are expected to be charcoal, hematite, and soft gray.

So what are the trending accent colors for 2014?  This year’s popular accent colors are shades of acid green, amethyst, blue, coral, metallic, pearlescent, pink, red, and violet.  These trending accent colors really play up this year’s popular neutrals.  Pops of violet and amethyst have recently started appearing everywhere from the runway to the local shopping markets.  Yet, shades of violet and amethyst are still a very new trend, they are only expected to gain strength and raise in popularity.  Metallic and pearlescent accent pieces are excellent at jazzing up a flat and lifeless room.  They continue to trend on in 2014.  Pink and red continue to grow in popularity year by year with its relation to breast cancer awareness, the fight against AIDS, and the American Heart Association.  They are predicted this year to continue to gain strength.


So what are the trending color combinations for 2014?  This year’s hot color combinations range from blue and taupe to blue and gray to blue and caramel.  Say goodbye to the blue and dark chocolate color combination.  Light colored neutrals are what’s trending this year.  Also expected to grow in popularity this year is the black-and-white color combination.  Trending accent colors for this year’s black-and-white color combination are shades of acid green, metallic, and red.


So what is the color of the year for 2014?  Radiant Orchid!  Named color of the year by Pantone, Radiant Orchid is expected to be 2014’s hottest color.  This trending color is ideal when paired with this year’s neutral color selection.  Accents of turquoise, teal, and light yellow really play up 2014’s color of the year.


Colors expected to lose popularity in 2014 are shades of orange, soft lavender, and sunny yellow.

It’s a new year so why not start fresh with a new home decorated in this year’s trending color choices. 

What is your favorite trend for 2014?  Do you agree with this year’s home décor trends?

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