Help Wanted in South West Florida

Higher New Home demands in South West Florida bring more Construction jobs to the area

By: Bill Panebiancoconstruction-framer-builder

Adams Homes is growing fast in Southwest Florida. When I moved to the area in March 2011, the Fort Myers division had two salespeople and several models sitting dormant.  Now, just a year and a half later, we have 10 salespeople and are selling new homes at a pace the production department can barely keep up with.  Growth is good for everyone— it helps the economy and creates new jobs.

What we need are subcontractors to return to Southwest Florida. Qualified contractors are so hard to find that labor prices have skyrocketed. I have spoken to several other builders in the area and everyone seems to be in the same situation. We all need more qualified contractors to move back to Lee and Charlotte counties. Many contractors have fled to other areas and are probably in bidding wars where they are now due to an overabundance of workers and a fair amount of jobs available. We live in an area where jobs are plentiful and workers are scarce. Sales are up more than 80 percent for Adams Homes this year in the Fort Myers division.  Homebuilding brings many jobs to an area since so many companies are involved in the process, along with local government departments.

Sales have been good for many reasons: first, the lower number of distressed properties on the market; next, the great pricing on our move-in ready homes and the below market pricing on our homes being built; and the last and maybe the most important factor is low interest rates.  Rates are so low now, most people can buy a new Adams Home for less than they are currently paying for rent. Who wouldn’t want to buy under these conditions? For information about our great homes, explore out website at  Use our payment calculator to estimate monthly payments too!

About Adams Homes

Founded in 1991 by Wayne Adams, Adams Homes started serving homebuyers in Pensacola, Florida. Throughout the 1990's and early 2000's, Adams Homes grew its business into markets throughout Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi. Since 2005, Adams Homes has expanded into markets in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee with corporate headquarters located in Gulf Breeze, Florida.  

As one of the largest privately-held new home builders, Adams Homes has built more than 35,000 new homes since its inception in 1991.  Adams Homes caters to first-time buyers, move-up buyers and empty nesters in more than 100 communities.  With a portfolio of home designs featuring both concrete block/stucco exteriors as well as all brick homes, Adams Homes has a selection available for nearly every budget.   

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