The Perfect Guest Room

The Perfect Guest Room

How to make your guests feel right at home

Summer is here and lots of people are ready to hit the road for summer vacation or visits with family and friends that live out of town.  I don’t know about you, but I love hosting my friends or family at my home.   I also have a huge appreciation and take notice when I am at someone else’s house and I can tell they made a special effort to make the guest room extra cozy and homey. I came across this adorable water color and blog post from Jess at The Aestate and had to share.

She covers the essentials to a cozy guestroom for your house guests and she hand paints these watercolors.  WOW.


1.  Fresh Flowers– Who doesn’t love a beautiful vase of wonderful smelling flowers next to their bedside?

2.  Luggage Rack– Have you ever noticed that just about every hotel you have ever been to has one of these?  They are great and can be found at Ballard Designs.

3. Waste Bin– Bedroom/Bathroom must have

4. Scented Candle & Matches–  I think for the bedroom this is nice, but definitely a must in the guest bathroom.  One of my favorite candles is the Tyler scent from

5. Tissues–  You never know when your guest might need them in the middle of the night.  This is a nice bedside touch.

6. Alarm Clock– This is a great back up just in case your friends or family has not joined the rest of the 21st century and does not have an alarm on their phone.

7. Pen & Paper– A hotel always supplies this don’t they?

8. XL Robe–  This is always a nice touch.  Most of your guests will probably not even bother using it, but I still think it is a great idea to supply one.

9. Good Reading Light– Your guests may read every night before they go to bed and you would hate to be the one to break them of their routine :)

10. Magazines– Being a lover of magazines, I always think this is a nice touch.  You probably have some laying around your house already, so just throw a couple recent ones in for leisurely reading.

11. Pitcher & Glass– I am always extremely impressed when I see this on a guest room bed side table.  But it makes so much sense.  Don’t we all bring a glass of water to bed with us every night? This is great if your guests forgot theirs or needs a refill at 2am.

12. Snacks– Any type of snack might be nice, but what I think is really special is an evening sheet turndown with a little bite of chocolate on their pillow. I love it when a hotel does that for me.

13.  Wooden Hangers–  This is a nice touch in the closet for your guest’s clothes. $4 for 8 pack at

Another nice touch can be placing your guests bath towels, hand towels and wash cloth on the end of their bed.  That works well if it is a one or two night stay.

What do you do for your guests to make them feel more at home? Do you have any special touches? We’d love to hear from you. Please comment below.

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