Green Smoothies for a Better You


A few years back, I stumbled upon green smoothies. Nowadays, you can find TONS of recipes online for delicious, healthy green smoothies.

You can even gear them towards your personal health needs. Green smoothies taste amazing, and even the kids will drink them! The key to making them taste good, and not too “green,” is to include the right amount of fruits to your recipe. In the beginning, I would try mixing a bit more fruit than greens, and later on, you may actually CRAVE more of the greens. Beginning at a 70/30 ratio of fruit/veggie will stave off that green taste, and in many recipes, you will only taste the fruit. I’ve compiled a list of benefits of drinking green smoothies below, but there are MANY, MANY benefits to adding greens to your diet. These are only a few.


1.  Weight Loss – Naturally! Instead of that midnight snack, or for a quick breakfast on the go, incorporating green smoothies into your daily diet can surely help to keep you on the right track to healthy eating. Swapping out that snack of cookies for a powerful boost of healthy goodness can and will make a difference on your waistline.

2.  Clarity and Focus – Cleaning up your diet will increase your clarity and focus. Why not swap out that morning coffee for a nutrient rich smoothie instead? Removing caffeine from your diet is proven to increase your energy. It has also been known to reduce anxiety and nervousness.

3.  Increased Intake of Fiber – Fiber is known to benefit your colon health, and it helps with regularity.

4.  Loss of Cravings – Giving all this good stuff to your body will help in detoxifying itself. Out with the junk, and in with the greens!

5.  Clear Skin – Detoxification comes hand in hand with clearing out those impurities in your skin. Smoothies are high in fiber, which allows your body to get rid of toxins.

6.  Greater Nutrient Intake – When you blend your vegetables, you are actually breaking them down to the cellular level, and your body retains MUCH more from blended vegetables verses simply eating your vegetables. Not to mention, you are adding a lot of greens that wouldn’t normally be in your diet.

There are SO many positive benefits to drinking green smoothies. I encourage you to use this guide to mix up some of your favorite fruits, and sneak in lots of healthy greens!

green smoothies

Have you ever made a green smoothie?  What do you like to put in yours?  Share your favorite recipe with us.  We love to hear from you!

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