Green Living: Two Easy Ways to Save Money and Energy

Two Ways To Save


By : Stephanie Vaughn

Fall has ARRIVED and as you begin decorating for the holidays, you may feel the rush of cooler air coming in from your windows and doors.  Don’t just decorate….caulk and weather strip, too!  These two applications can save YOU money by saving energy.  The caulk and weather strip originally put in your home will wear down and separate from settling; but here is a quick and easy way for you to fix it!


Caulking 101:  check the doors, window frames, vents, fans, cable and phone lines, outdoor water faucets, basically any area where different surfaces meet (foundation and walls, brick and wood, etc.).  Clean the area and ready, point, shoot!   Hold the tube or can at 45 degree angle, move continuously, seal it completely, and allow drying time

                Weather stripping 101: choose a strip that seals well when the windows and doors are closed but allows you to open them without much effort.  With windows, you should apply the stripping at the top and bottom of the window sash.  For doors, you want to apply it around the frame or stop and at the bottom install a sweep, door shoe, or threshold.    Remember to clean the area first and measure your strips a couple of times for accurate measurement.


 These two components of energy efficiency are affordable and effective.  Once detected, air leaks from windows and doors can easily be fixed with caulking and weather stripping.

Happy shooting and stripping!

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Our Guest Contributor, Stephanie Vaughn is available to assist you.  Get her contact info here.

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