Green Living: Better Insulation For Older Homes

By: Stephanie Vaughn

If you are currently in a beautiful new Adams’ Home or considering purchasing one, you have an appropriate amount of insulation for the Central Florida area per the building codes.  Insulation is important factor in creating energy efficiency in a home.  It creates a thermal barrier for heat entering or leaving a house depending upon the season, and it creates a sound barrier for the walls and ceiling.  The block walls of the home are covered in a foil, reflective sheeting for air and thermal barrier properties.  The exterior frame walls and artificial knee walls are insulated with a batted fiberglass and the ceiling is insulated with blown fiberglass.

If you are in a home that was built before 2009, chances are your ceiling is only insulated to an R-19.  The building codes of today, like technology, have improved.  Today in the Central Florida area the ceiling area must be blown to an R30 (about 10”-12” depending on the brand) if it is fiberglass product.  It is easy to add insulation the existing by just blowing over what is there.  However, many homeowners who are living in older homes want to remove the existing insulation and reinstall with new insulation.

American Residential Products is happy to work with homeowners who are interested in doing this.  It is actually becoming quite common in our area.  Many houses have sat empty and when they are finally bought, the new owners discover there were critters living in the attic space.  The insulation may have remnants from the past four legged inhabitants.  Although we can’t remove the critters, we can remove the insulation.

The benefit for homeowners to put in new insulation is that insulation manufacturers such as Johns Manville ( produce fiberglass insulation that is formaldehyde free.  Homeowners can achieve a healthier indoor air quality and reduce exposure to formaldehyde. 

If you are going that route, make sure your ducts are only delivering clean air.  Older homes could have HVAC systems that have mold or mildew growth in the ducts.  This can affect the allergy sufferers in the house.

Many local utility companies are offering credits or rebates for adding more insulation and checking ducts for air quality and leaks.  American Residential Products is a proud partner of all of the local utility companies in the Central Florida area.  We are happy to help with a free estimate!


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