Gardening Tips for the Spring

Neat Spring Gardening Tips and Tricks Your Going to Want to Know About


I love gardening and I am always looking for new and natural more earth friendly way to garden. So I’ve been doing some research and here are 4 neat spring gardening tips and tricks you’re going to want to know about.

Did you know cucumbers are sweeter when planted near sunflowers, I sure didn’t.  They both need the same type of soil to grow which makes planting them next to each other easy and great. The sunflowers also do double duty in allowing the cucumber vines to run up the sunflowers stalk. So no need to put up a trellis.  The sunflowers stalk will take care of that for you.

Something else interesting I read about is that egg shells work great for fertilizer. Put the egg shell in a blender and crush them up and then simply just spread the crushed up egg shells through out your garden and flower beds. Egg Shells are rich in Calcium Carbonate which works great as a natural fertilizer.

Watering your plants with chamomile tea is a great way to naturally help prevent bacteria and fungal infections from over taking your plants. It’s even great to prevent young seedling from damping off. Use room temperature chamomile tea; make sure you never pour hot tea on your plants.

Using cooking water on the plants is also a great trick to help your plants thrive. Pour the cooking water you use to cook pasta or boil vegetables as the water you would use to water your plants with. Make sure the cooking water is at room temperature before using. Cooking water is great for plants because it is full of vitamins and nutrients left over from what you just cooked.

Now just sit back and watch your plants grow and thrive, as you enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Do you have any fun and easy tips for the home garden?  We LOVE to hear from our readers!

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